Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Travel Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

KL Trip 2009

Went to KL for a short 2 day trip with my mum and some of her friends and was really bumped up on shipping and stuff. Hm, but as usual, when the day arrived, I was torn apart from my love and that, ALWAYS didn't feel good. But well, just 2 days I guess. Here was the plane that we took over to the KL international Airport.

We all hopped off it at about 9am in the morning and rushed over to Old Town coffee house for curry mee and other breakfast stuffs. We got really pumped up and rushed to take the 45 minute bus ride to town!

And so, after checking into our hotel, which was the Impiana, we started off on our shopping. Went to visit quite some places, but it wasn't as cheap as I expected. I managed to snag some nice things, but well, some stuffs in Singapore are better.

After shopping and all, it was dinner at a Hakka restaurant where we gobbled down 4kg of crabs, pork knuckles that were superb, veggies and other dishes. I was really stuffed up and gosh.. I am GAINING WEIGHT. But whenever I think about this, I would think about love telling me about how to not restrict myself and eat what I like.. Hm, so, yea, I enjoyed food.

The night scene was also nice and there we captured KLCC in the background on our way back! Btw, KLCC is now one of new wonders of the world with its mega infrastructure. =) We could not get enough of it and caught a few more of it over the trip!

Day 2 was a little more rushed as we ate again then started shopping. However the highlight today was meeting up with Jared and Constance. I was quite excited to meet them and it was really nice of them to bring me around Pavillion and of course have a nice chat.

But soon after, we had dinner and it was time to part as I had a plane to catch.. Had dinner at Pavillion and then had a mad rush to the airport.

We were literally rushing up the buses and trains with our bags. Well got back on the plane and it was back in Singapore. Missed home and love all the way although the trip was fun. I must say, that whatever it is, HOME is the BEST.
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