Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photoshoot - Into Vintage Adventure

 Just For Jaclyn Part 2: Into Vintage Adventure

We moved on to the next spot and really loved this very vintage take. Spent lots of time whining about climbing up and down, screaming, bullying but of course, loving the babes.

Ever So Famous Album Cover

Nice Legs

We Look Tiny

It Was Difficult Climbing Up There!


Hugging The Star

Who Is That?

My Sweet Babes

We Got A Thing For Specs

What Are You Thinking About?

Deep In Thought



Tadah, Cute Nerds


What Are They Doing To Me!



Jia Qi



Jaclyn The Star!

Following this, we then went on for a happier mode of shots. We then headed down to the Art's House and there, it was time for a 360 degree change!

Photoshoot - Back To School

 Just For Jaclyn Part 1: Back To School

This is definitely not going to be wordy as pictures say it all. We had this photo shoot with the babes to keep all our memories together although we would be parting soon. Let us just enjoy all the good times in these memoirs that will always be in our hearts.

We were planning on a youthful look this time, although most of us are really way past that age. But who ever said that we could not stay young at heart. 

Jump! Capture All Memories

Who Dares Bully Eli!

Over Her Dead Body

Squish Her!

Jaclyn Is Strong

Kisses Ahoy

Sweet Girls

City Girls

Ready, Go!

The Crew

The first part was really light hearted and the place where we all got crazy dirty with grass and mud. But still, it was worth it! Time for the next part where we moved on to another location for a shoot of different direction.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hair - Essensuals Hairdressing Bugis: I Love This

What More Can I Ask For

Thank you Essensuals Bugis for the beautiful straight and bouncy hairstyle that looks like it just came out of a magazine cover. The more I look at it, the more I love it! 

<3 Yan

Heart. Want to have a hairstyle that suits you and helps you gain that confidence once more? Book your appointment NOW!


Current Promotion

On top of this, Ilse Adel readers will be getting something more! Want to find out what we have in store? Check out IA and you would be rewarded!

More Information: ♥ IA & Essensuals Bugis

Singapore Yacht Festival 2011

Asia's Very First Super Yacht Show At One Degree 15 Marina Club

The 2011 Yacht Show held in Singapore is one of the newest additions to the Informa Yacht Group's ever famous exhibits for super yachts all around the world. With luxury events spanning from Monaco, Abu Dhabi and into Singapore, they aim to enrich the lives of people in Asia with the introduction to the yachting scene. Aiming to reach out to Asia and beyond, this was an event set for yachting professionals and high nett individuals to enjoy. 


With Singapore as the heart of the exhibition this time, we were proud that our country was selected as the frontier to pioneer this event in Asia. The exclusive shows, gala's and luxury stock yachts and cars (BMW & Rolls-Royce) set the mood for quality wine and dine as well. Enjoy the experience with us.

On arrival, we were ushered to the registration booth on a buggy with a beautiful and friendly host, which brought us zooming by the wonderful view of the sea. A fitting place for the show indeed with the beautiful harbor and deep green sea. It was time to enjoy the exhibition which were presented both in and outdoors. 

Indoor Show - A Beautiful Model Of Dominator Yachts

We enjoyed the wines and food that caterers were offering for services on board your yacht. There were just too many impressive organizations around that it was difficult to make a choice on where to settle. As the indoor tour came to an end, it was time to hit the sun and yes, this was the beginning of all the excitement as we entered the jetty space and was greeted by the array of majestic yachts.

Exhibitions Area


Had a great time on the majesty yachts and they were undoubtedly one of the hot favourites of the event. Enjoy the jacuzzi, luxurious rooms with walk in wardrobe and the huge kitchens and comfortable viewing decks and interior. What more could we ask for? 

Tailored Suites


Enjoying The Yachts


Our Host, Bong

It was a very holistic experience as we managed to learn a lot about the industry and enjoy super facilities that were really out of this world. It was wonderful and surreal, but every moment was enjoyable.


So be involved in the grande and exclusive event the next time it hits town and embrace luxury to the max. We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and learnt a great deal more about the yachting industry from the very savvy enthusiasts. We also sincerely thank the organizers Informa Yacht Group for inviting Ilse Adel to experience this breakthrough for the Asian market into the yachting industry. This was one very valuable event for us and we would definitely love to go back for more. Learn more about with us as well. You would surely enjoy.
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