Thursday, July 23, 2009

Travel USA: Wheelock Family Theatre (Boston)

Drama Training Sessions

The best would be the days spent training with the Wheelock Family Theatre. Although it was approaching the end of the sessions, I would always remember the wonderful lessons and would really recommend this as a place to visit when you go over to Boston. Please, watch a play at least!

Drama Class

We did group drama performances and then got our brown bag lunches for the day after. It was our last day with John, our instructor, and it was really sad that we would be parting with them after today. But I would definitely be back for a play in the near future.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Travel USA: Prudential & Copely (Boston)

Cheesecake Factory

Was a slack day today as I skipped class which was non-compulsory. Was just feeling so exhausted with trying to juggle work and play. Anyway, it was a simple day as I headed out to the Prudential to meet up with Lala and Usa to walk around and then catch dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Didn't really feel like eating a solid meal, so I ended up sharing cakes with the girls. Fabulous delicious as we had their '30th Anniversary Cake' and 'Chocolate Tuxedo', which were awesome though i don't realli fancy chocolate. Wanted to try White Chocolate Macadamia & Peacan but well, couldn't really mouth it down with those filling cakes of huge portions. (Well, what can you expect of a cake which costs 10usd=15Sgd a slice).

It was then time to get over to Copely where they have branded stuffs lined up and it was a good place if you needed gifts, which in this case, we needed to get, for the people back home. You would see good restaurants and shops like Shaws, GAP, etc all over the place.

Shopping and eating is really the life.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boston Day 30

The day started off with us visiting the Boston Public School which I thought was a great experience as we were really able to see how art was brought in to the classroom and how teachers were really making use of good practices to engage children and parents in the educational process.

After which, we went to shop around the coolage area, where the school was located and managed to pack lunch, the Uppercrust Pizza, which was supposedly award winning! We then headed back to school to enjoy our buy and that one slice of Pizza cost like 4 USD and was even larger then my head.

After lunch, it was then time to head down to the long awaited children's Museum Trip. I had heard lot's about it from the seniors and from bosses at work and was really excited to see this place. We don't have a museum like this for kid's in Singapore and I was thinking a tall idea of trying to bring in some of these ideas, so it was an opportunity for me to get a peek at what was going on for children in this place.

There was really too many things in this place and the exhibits would be ever changing ever few months and years. So nothing in fact, was a standard. I loved the place. It kinda made everyone a kid again and was very much like a science centre collaborated with a Kidsport centre to provide children and parents many hands on activities to do. It was a very fulfilling experience and I would go back once again to explore even more if I had the time.

But well, we left the place and it was time to move on the Lechmere which was at the end of the town. This was a more 'shopping' area, but to me, shopping has kinda lost it's connection. I just feel that there is more to do then buy things. I've seen many go crazy with their shopping and I can't help but think, is it worth it? I guess it a more personal opinion. But for me, all these things can be bought anywhere anytime, so i'm cool with slacking. No point busting my card on things I may regret I got on impulse and realize after a while that it wasn't what I really needed or really liked.

Just feeling exhausted from the long day... Sleep In Need....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boston Day 27

Just a Boston Duck day.. Had an early dinner, and yes, time to work through the night with our Final Assignment. Arhhh.. kill me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boston Day 26

The highlight for today would be the Blueman Group. This was a performance with the cast all not speaking, but only using actions and movements to convey their thoughts across. I found this one of the most enjoyable things here in Boston and they really had some incredible moments.

This would be us, and the indoor theatre. The crew had lot's of gimmics in store and those rows of pipes there in the picture was really, luminous pipes when the show needed them to be. There were also ton's of toilet rolls hung on the ceilings for audience to pull and kinda make the ambience so crazy at the end of the show.

Besides being a very engaging show, the cast was also v professional and really maintained their character through the show. I particularly enjoyed sections when music was made with simple objects like pipes, gongs and drums, and then, be combined with the band playing to make it so 'rock'.

I loved the rock concert moves portion when they also got audience to move like the actions on the screens, when they used clay like paint to draw on glass, and also when there were luminous light sabres and displays of artistic moves on stage. Ahh.. worth the cost..

Anyway, after the show, we got on the front and took pictures outside and with the cast!

After which, it was sad, but we had to leave. So we all headed back to the Bolyston station and came across this funny school, ABCD University? What a joke.. but well..

Enjoyed the show and the streets at night. I was just glad that I was able to experience such a show, which I think would be rare in the Singapore context, or you could say, costly.
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