Monday, July 13, 2009

Boston Day 24

It is simple that today was the day allocated for us to go visit Salem, the town of the Pirates and Witches! So all of us were waiting for the ferry ride and of course, it would be best to enjoy the view. weather was scorching but i just had to wrap myself up to prevent burns or more of my hated.. freckles.

After we got up the boat, it was a happy thing cos the ship was not as rocky as we thought that it would be. All of us headed up to the top deck and had a crazy windy ride! It was great that the boat was traveling at a fast speed and also we got to see, for the first time, Boston from the habour view.

Arriving at Salem, we were greeted by the Harley Trolleys which were awesome. I guess, this would be the most savvy way to travel through Salem as it brings it's guests around a tour in town and stopped at musuems and told the history of the places that we were going to visit.

We travelled about the areas and it was really filled with lot's of mystical stuffs, or rather people there in Salem were all about tourism and made sure that the tourists were having a good time in town and were enjoying the sights, sounds and characters just waling randomly. There were people dressed as ghouls or even vintage wear to pass flyers and greet the people around town.

So, one of the most interesting places we passed was the Witch House. There were ladies in vintage clothes sewing on the lawn, and also men dressed in colonial wear and marching about with the weapons. It was a damn funny sight when we saw a mixture of 'then' and 'now' characters walking together. This happened when the colonial soldiers were marching and doing their thing, but the last person was actually a walking big glup cup skipping along with them.

We also visited other musuems and this was the Witch Dungeon Museum. There were role plays done in the place to show visitors the history of the witch trials performed back then, and also a musuem down in the dungeons to show case real artifacts and yes, it was kinda scary sometimes as the basements were all usually very dark in all musuems. Erggg...

Well, next we went on to the Pirate Museum which was less intimidating, but got us screaming cos we were freaked out by this showcase that could suddenly move up and grab you. HA, it was just a machine, but it caught me by surprise. This musuem talked about the most notorious pirates in town and about what happened to them, and how piracy actually worked. Very interesting and cool as you could see, even the guide was a pirate!

This is the favourite pick of the day, as I finally got to strangle this ghoul! He scared the wits out of the rest of em like twice and got them all running across the road. But well, he could be nice and cute lying in the coffin once in a while to let me get this picture. After all, he was just the mascott for the dracula store right next to this wall.

We had dinner at Victoria Station which feel a little short of Long Horn Steakhouse, but yea, it was alright. Had Cordon Bleu and Prime Beef Rib here and was really stuffed. I was shocked at the portion of the rib and really, this was crazy.

Anyway, it was time to head back to the docks to wait for the ferry home and we came by this queer house which was also a musuem, but we were too late to catch it. But anyway, the artifacts in it were nice and most were made of scrap materials! Cool gadgets in there.

After the whole day, we stayed out waiting for the ferry and it was late by about half an hour, so poor us had to sit in the cold, shivering to the bones till the boat came. But all in all, this was a great experience and I did enjoy Salem and it's rich culture. I do wish that I had more time in that place as mystical stuffs are also kinda my interests, as well as the wacky costume shops they had there. But well, I guess, there would be other times, if not this.

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