Sunday, December 05, 2010

HTC Sense/Android Workshop 2010

HTC Sense/Android Workshop 2010

The first ever gadget convention that I have attended and I was some what really excited to find out more about the certain devices which I have been studying about for the pass few months.

I was intrigued by the information that S had shared with me and hence, there we were at the workshop to find out more about HTC and Android which Google recommends for flexibility and reliability.

At The Workshop

Sad to say, we were left a little disappointed as the information shared at the dialogue was nothing more than what we had already found out from online sources.

But at least, the session was not wasted as we were granted first hand previews and an opportunity to use the newest devices that were going to be released into the local market.

The Desire Series Titans

Desire HD

Desire Z

Desire (White Version)

I can't help but phase out all other choices of phones when I met these three. Operating on the current Android platform 2.2 (Froyo), the phones just out rank others with the slick design, functions and of course, HTC Sense OS.

I would not rant much into the details but just share that these phones are the titans of choice as they do represent quality in a small package, especially with Desire reigning the techy market as number 1 phone for quite some time already.

Lucky for me, HTC presented every participant with a little gift of love, granting a S$100 discount on any desire series phone. But the problem now is, WHICH ONE TO GET!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Photoshoot - Autumn Sonata 2010

Sleep Over ln Style

The Luxurious Experience

Having fun does not necessarily mean that you have to spend late nights out in clubs or chilling out some place with your best mates. In fact, we found it to be most enjoyable just hanging out in a cozy home, doing things that really relaxes us and allows us to rest and yet be fun at the same time. Mentality is a great driving force and this attempt to learn to improve ourselves and move nearer to being a woman of class, was in our opinion a great milestone.


As VS wrapped up with a glamor ball, the sleep wear fever just got into my blood. I don't think I could clad myself in those hot lingerie, but well, who said wrapped up people can't look nice?

Got down to fixing up this two piece sleep wear look for the night. Can't really see the pieces, but it was just a simple lace top with black short and i'm loving it, imagine.

The Killer Watery Eyes Attack

I just like the simplicity and fact that I could just laze about and do anything in those clothes, without feeling 'Inappropriate'. With me being the traditional woman, believing that more is less, this was just PERFECT. Anyway, I had a great time with Seri during our date together for our little sleepover. I sure love the shots we took that night.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Fashion Show - Victoria's Secret 2010

2010 Angel's Event

Another exciting year to look forward to again with 34 of the world's most beautiful and charismatic women.

It is just nothing but surprise after surprise with these ladies of power. All we can do is admire their spirit, confidence and allure in every angel possible.

vs12 Victorias Secret 2009/2010 Fashion Show

Besides being kick-ass models that are just the most well disciplined and trained, the amounts of glitter, crystals and all those feathers and wings are what makes everything worth while. In other words, just out of this world!

Katy Perry, Akon to Perform at 2010 VS Fashion Show

To add on to the action packed event, super stars Akon and Katy Perry were just awesome to kick up the lively spirit of the models and spicy lingerie with their presence. This would really be the most anticipated event of the year for me! It's just too bad that the sweepstakes competition they have online this year is only open to people in US and Canada.

Love Candy:

Let's us just wait for the release of the show online and get to enjoy it fully.

Friday, November 05, 2010

MV - SNSD: Hoot

Savour The Beauty

Hoot By SNSD

I may totally seem like a guy in taste of women. But really, they are just too hot and sexy to resist.. Just feel the envious vibes from me. Ho Ho Ho Ho Hooo...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

European Cuisine - LUSH Restaurant & Bar

Relinquish Fatigue In One Stop

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Ilse Adel took a good break over the weekend and with that, we would love to share our experience at this very exclusive and cozy spot where we were invited to for dining and wine tasting.

LUSH Restaurant & Bar

Our Wonderful Hosts, Connie, Steven & Foyce

This lavish place is a beautiful two level restaurant and bar which invites everyone to relax, chill out and get drawn into the wonderful ambiance, which is outstandingly sculptured out in bold black and white. On entering LUSH, we were ushered up to level two, where the wine and dine began.

The Slick Bar Top (2nd floor)

Cozy Interior

The Alluring Outdoor Area

Appetizers made their way in with the first being salmon served with a unique blend of pine nuts, herbs and cauliflower. We enjoyed the rich taste the dish left and it was definitely a memorable starter.

Sugar-Salted Salmon

The next dish served was roasted duck breast which came to us as a surprise of ultimate richness with the Pumpkin Puree, matched with Fennel Salad and Peach Compote. Instead of having a layer of fats under the skin, which duck meat usually has, this dish was completely void of anything of such, making it very healthy. Kudos to the chef for making this consideration. However, a stronger punch in the puree would make it even more irresistible.

Roasted Duck Breast

Moving on to the main dishes, we had Ribeye steak served medium rare, accompanied by House French Fries, Ricotta Pesto and Sauteed Bell Peppers. A nice dish with EXTRAORDINARY fries seasoned with sea salt. The fries taste a tinge of Cajun with a unique punch! Perhaps this is why we say fresh ingredients win all hearts.

Ribeye Steak

We then had a try of Spaghetti alla Bolognese. What do we love about this? It would definitely be the sauce! It was just the right texture with a good balance of beef and tomato. The sauce completely accompanied the pasta to perfection. A must try for everyone.

Spaghetti alla Bolognese

Next we enjoyed Spaghetti alla Carbonara which consisted of Bacon and Garlic in creamy egg-yolk sauce, parmiggiano and black pepper. An ordinary dish, but if you love creamy pasta, here is something for you.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

After the main course, we were served with the most unique desserts accompanied with champagne. The Profiterole consisted of choux pastry with chantilly and chocolate cream, gving everyone with a sweet tooth a smile anytime. The Lemon Posset on the other hand, gives people who prefer a twist that zest. Containing berry compote and crumble in a yogurt-like textured brulee. It was irresistible and our preferred choice of the two!

Profiterole and Lemon Posset

We were really spoilt for choice. Of course, how could we forget the person working behind the scenes to give us smiles. A little introduction about the Swedish chef that was in charge of pampering us. With 9 years of experience preparing Italian and fusion cuisine, Niklas, undeniably charmed us.

Niklas, Our Chef

With all the good food, LUSH set out to make our experience even more enriching, with the luxury to try out their selections of fine wines and champagne. We had 3 different selections being a Steigelmann Gewurztraminer Spatlese 2009, Nevis Bluff Pinot Noir 2006 (Red Wine) and Champagne which were very charming.

Steigelmann Gewurztraminer Spatlese, 2009

This was probably the choice as this German produce was spectacular in it's floral after taste, which just makes you feel refreshed. Not to mention the smoothness and non-acidic taste and texture the wine gave. Truly one of the best enjoyed whites out there.

The Pinot Noir was enjoyable as well, with a very seasoned colour and rich berry taste to it, but sadly lost to the 2009 due to the fact that it was dryer.

Of course with such wonderful wine, the best thing to compliment it would be cheese, which was exactly what we were served. LUSH serves a unique cheese platter with the finest selection of cheese including tallegio, parmiggiano-reggiano, gorgonzola with condiments. Splendid for cheese lovers.

Cheese Platter

This experience was really enriching for the body and soul as we dined in fine ambiance and met up with very hospitable hosts who took care of our every need. Meet the people behind LUSH.

Ilse Adel & The LUSH Team - Foyce, Niklas, Steven, Connie

Connie, Foyce, Jasmine & Seri

It was also nice to meet their guests as well, with Garett, Ronnie (IDA Singapore, Director) and everyone else spending a cozy evening at LUSH.

Foyce, Garett, Jasmine & Seri

There are still lot's to explore and learn about LUSH, but we sincerely thank the Steven, Connie, Foyce and team LUSH for their hospitality during the wine and dine experience. These beautiful people gave Ilse Adel a memorable evening, making it a definite revisit place on our list of hangouts.

LUSH Restaurant & Bar: 359 Beach Road, Singapore 199575

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nail Inspiration - #5 Disney Fever

#5 Disney Fever

Gone gaga with the Disney craze and went all out to make it all cute Mickey.

It wasn't perfect with the uneven dots and paint since I did it in the plane,

but you get the idea...

Love Disney and go RED this Summer!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

MV - Korean Wave

Hot Videos From Some Time Back

Run Devil Run By SNSD

Mystery By BEAST/B2ST

Just another few nice video's with the K Pop Reigns.

I'm in awe and really love K's fluid dancing.

European Cuisine - TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

The Grands Crus Prestige At TWG Ion

Enter into a world of splendor and gastronomy as you step into Ion's TWG Tea Salon & Boutique.


Grilling The Menu


We went for the Fortune Tea Set which was the most complete tea set and it was undeniably a brilliant combination which satisfied us through and through. Here was what we enjoyed...

Scones & Muffins

TWG Tea Jelly & Whipped Cream 

Freshly Baked Croissant 

These were teasers for tea lovers as the fruity light weight pastries filled us with immense passion as they are matched with the unique TWG jelly and whip cream combination. A definite must have. These ethereal desires were worthy creations by Executive Pastry Chef Phillippe Langlois.

Macarons To Die For

We were pampered with six different flavors that were the best sellers of all times and really, these heart drops fresh from confection brought out the unison of TWG's signature teas in their famous soft centered almond biscuits. Our favorites - Lemon Bush Tea, 1837 Black Tea & Blackcurrant.

Croque Imperial

Topped with gruyere cheese, the smoked salmon sandwich was out of this world and would even melt a non-bread lover's heart. The herbed tender fish slices accompanied by thin crust bread toasted to perfection, was just the best combination to go with the garden salad topped with vinaigrette.

The Star TWG Tea

Bon Apetite 


TWG Tea Special, Gastronomic Delight Indeed 

With such a complete arrangement to impress, there was no reason to frown as how could we not enjoy ourselves when there was just so much for us and so much more to bask in. Not to mention, the excellent service crew who pampered us from the moment we entered the salon. 

Thank You For Your Exceptional Service 

Truly a place if you wish to rest, relax and live in a world of delightful tea's and pastry. Try this out at the Ion or Marina Bay Sands branch and enjoy canal view as well! Enjoy!
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