Friday, September 30, 2011

MV - Bruno Mars: It Will Rain

Rain Down On Me Like You Do

You Will Find Your Path In Twilight, If You Choose To Walk On Bravely.

This song just stirs so much thought in my mind and I really am in love with the emotion and passion I sense from his delivery. There are just too many things in life that are just as they are. How can we fix all the broken pieces.

MV - Jason Chen & Megan Nicole: Forget You

Music Made Enjoyable

A cute cover done for 'FU' by one of my favourite artists. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Photoshoot - K'rian Safari

The Cover Girl

Jo and I got into the mood for a little photo session as we really had to unwind with all the hustle happening recently. I'd always loved taking pictures for memories and alas, our photographer friend Thomas Edison was kind enough to do up a great location and theme shoot for us. 

Ethereal In Love


We Have Confusing Manicures

Are You The One?

Cheeky Safari

Loving This

I had a great experience that day and it was the love having fun with Jo. I guess we have lot's to improve on in regards to getting a great picture taken. But hey, all this was just for the fun of it and we have to thank  Thomas Edison for doing a good job. Would be looking forward to future shoots and will try put up more pictures soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cafe And Bars - Bbuble K

Ice Cream, Chocolate & Bubble Tea At The Right Time

Really the best medicine for people in their lowest point of their happy curve. Thank a lot to Bart & Bbuble K for the thoughtful funny message to cheer me up! You guys should really visit this place for a relaxing time with your friends and loved ones!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cafe And Bars - Timbre Substation

Drink Choices Do Show Personality

Sophisticated, Demure, Wild.

Fusion Cuisine - Vintage Tea Party

Have A Vintage Tea Party

Enjoyed the many tastes of delights as we had a very healthy and fresh dinner at Dempsy's. I didn't really catch the name of the place as we were hussling in and out, but I must say that the food was impressive. I do thank Janice for the great recommendation! So here were some of the things we tried that evening.

Crispy Thai Beef Salad

This could be a nice dish and the only thing short would probably be that the beef could have been a little more on the tender side. The dish was made more towards being a 'snack' and perhaps why the crispy potato chip feel.

1 Meter Long Sausage (Chicken)

This was wonderful, and the best thing is that it is 1 meter long, and comes in 3 different flavours (Chicken, Beef, Pork) Sausages are really self explanatory and you would love how juicy and succulent the meat is! The contrast with the basil and herbs made the taste even more unforgettable.

Truffled Mushroom Pizza

A definite must try for pizza lovers as this would really make you want to come back for more. The tender truffled mushrooms on top of the light crispy base was just incredible. This was simply awesome, and it really is, coming from a non-pizza-lover, like me.

Brownie, Ice Nougat & Strawberry Short Cake

Desserts are always to highlights in dinner parties and these for the record, were great. I would say that the brownie and strawberry shortcake were alright, however, the ice nougat cake was really an eye opener. If you are a lover of caramel and an inquisitive foodie, this would be perfect for you!

Dinner was wonderful for me and I am glad to embrace to power and beauty of cuisine! Hope to get back to this place in the near future to enjoy their teaparty in the afternoons, and next time, I would be sure to jot the address for everyone!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Chinese Cuisine - Cherry Garden At Mandarin Oriental

Happy Birthday Michelle

Made reservations last Saturday at Mandarin Oriental Singapore's, Cherry Garden Restaurant to celebrate Michelle's special day. This was a real pleasant place to be enjoying a relaxing and delicious meal together. Eating Up!

The very fact that we love dim sum, gave us a great excuse to select this wonderful place for tea! Take a look at some of our very awesome selections!

Shark Fin Dumpling

This was alright, with the bit of shark's fin on the top, but well, we should not eat shark's fin, so, I would not really recommend this dish! But on the overall, an acceptable taste with a smooth finish.

Fried Shrimp Roll With Mango

This was a wonderful combination and the mango went really well with the shrimp, giving the whole dish a strong contrast in flavours. This was a good thing as you would not get sick of this dish!

Stewed Pork

Getting tender pieces of meat just melt in your mouth, you would not ever ask for more. I think that this is self explanatory. 

Fried Cheesy Roll

This was a special that came and tasted like the Kinder Surprise. With smooth cheese oozing out on every bite, this was an excellent fried dish you should order.

Wasabi Prawns

This was awesome as a prawn lover, and the dip was just right to make you want to come back for more. Adding on a slightly pungent tinge to the dish with each dip, the prawns tasted explosive along with the crispy skin and dip.

Stewed Beef Dumpling

Abalone Siew Mai

Fried Beancurd Roll

These few dishes were the ordinary, including my favourite Xiao Long Bao, etc, and yes, they are kind of staples, or should I say, the more common dishes in dim sum restaurants.

Mango Pudding With Lime Sorbet, Avocado Cream With Walnut Ice Cream & Watermelon Sago

To end off, these were the satisfying desserts! I especially loved the avocado cream with walnut ice cream as it was such a rich dessert which just attracted the milk loving me. You all should try this and feel yourself be transported into a tropical island like area while enjoying the dishes.

There would be one word to describe the food, and that would be awesome. Not to mention, the staff gave wonderful service and were very patient, knowledgeable and attentive. Thumbs up! So after the main course, we of course went on to the main event!

Happy Birthday Michelle!

We do hope she enjoyed Canelle's macaron's cake as we specially selected her favourite rose and voilet flavours! I secretly love them too, so of course, I was super happy myself.


It was really a great date with the babes as we had lot's of quality time together. It was a well spent day with the great food and after party at Kbox and Playnation. Thanks babes for making it so fun and memorable! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Make Up - NYX Cosmetics

Make Up Makes You

Love my new make up hull from NYX Cosmetics! I enjoyed the wonderful range and selection from their company and have been enjoying the fun and love of looking great! Thanks for introducing this brand to me.

NFC Talent Competition

Learning Carnival Talent Group Champions

Thanks to these girls, we managed to clinch champion for the talent event held on 7 September 2011! It was really a wonderful experience joining this competition and definitely one that brought everyone closer. Congratulations ladies, we are the best!

Sneak peaks at the pre-post performance moods! We are thankful for all our supporters and friends who were cheering for us that day! Jet'aime.

Would load the performance video up soon so stay tuned for updates that would be here as soon as I get my hands on the originals! <3 101B

Fashion - Fetish For Stockings

What Are You Looking At

Love my new pair of stockings! They are really the bomb. I regret that I didn't get more when I was in Japan.

KV - A Night At Timbre

Can You Last All Night

Had a little gathering with the KV girls at Timbre that night where we had a ball of a time with one of our favourite jammers, 53A.

Ilena just got back from Oregon and so we all took this opportunity to meet up with her and spend a little more time together before she had to get back there. We took so many snoop shots!

Jo, Me, Jac & Mic

I Really Like This Sexy Look

Camera Shy?!

Kiss Me!

Say Cheese People

What more could we ask for as we enjoyed the music and got up close with the band. It was an awesome experience and definitely a great day to wind down on Friday.

Sarah From 53A

Dedicated To Us

Looking forward to meeting up with the group soon and of course, see us around Timbre on Fridays as we jam along 53A each week! 

Sunday, September 04, 2011

KV - Zouk Tonight

Party All Night

A crazy night out with the ladies. It really is great to be able to hang out all day and party all night with my babes.

Photoshoot - Just For Ilena

Just For Ilena

Meet the KV babes once again as we did a little cover for Ilena with the gracious help of our wonderful photographers Anson and Lim Kai! This time we did two looks with an overall theme of colours. Enjoy our edition of Colourful Sleepwear and Candy Kanes.

When Sleeping Beauty Becomes A Monster!

Say Cheese

Kiss Me Good Night

Our Happy Family

Didn't really have time to put up alot of pictures, but these were some that really made me happy looking at them. Well, besides that, I thought it would be great to share beautiful things with you guys, so, here goes.

Meet The Ladies

Behind The Scenes

To End Off

That would be the little sharing I wanted to put up! Thanks to the babes for always being there for me and each other in times of need and distress. It has been quite some time and we have all drifted off into different endeavours, however, deep down inside, we will always be together.

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