Sunday, September 04, 2011

Photoshoot - Just For Ilena

Just For Ilena

Meet the KV babes once again as we did a little cover for Ilena with the gracious help of our wonderful photographers Anson and Lim Kai! This time we did two looks with an overall theme of colours. Enjoy our edition of Colourful Sleepwear and Candy Kanes.

When Sleeping Beauty Becomes A Monster!

Say Cheese

Kiss Me Good Night

Our Happy Family

Didn't really have time to put up alot of pictures, but these were some that really made me happy looking at them. Well, besides that, I thought it would be great to share beautiful things with you guys, so, here goes.

Meet The Ladies

Behind The Scenes

To End Off

That would be the little sharing I wanted to put up! Thanks to the babes for always being there for me and each other in times of need and distress. It has been quite some time and we have all drifted off into different endeavours, however, deep down inside, we will always be together.

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