Monday, April 26, 2010

Fashion - Shibuya 109

Exclusive coverage on the spring catalog for Shibuya 109

So, during my trip, I made a trip to Shibuya and how could I ever miss the chance to visit 109? Shibuya 109 offers the most coolest to sweetest range of clothes all packed into one building and yours truly took the liberty to snag a few mags to bring you the 'SIZZLING' items that are being sold now. Please pardon me if the pictures seem dark or anything cause the computer dummy me had to personally do up all the scanning! =) Cut the nonsense now and let me introduce to you all fashion capital loves!

So, the main focus of the buys today would be rotating between the pastel fight of PINK and GREEN. These two colours are just famous for illuminating skin colour and of course, it would be such a difficult decision to decide which was the 'winning' colour to get this season. However, here, they give a wide range of items in both colours to satisfy everyone's colour fetish this season.

Of course, the current craze for lace is not left out and there are many patterns that include elaborate print. This season goes for a sassy attitude which is yet simple. Lace and florals have taken over with the more casual and fresh appeal.

However, with clothes that are so sweet and cute this season, there is, of course a need for KIRA KIRA!~ This is unforgettable in any get up and I was impressed with the selection that 109 offered the ladies that were shopping there.

Military prints are in at the moment and thus bags with zippers, flags, ribbons, blings and strips are very popular at the moment. Also, bucket bags, clutches and 'basket-shaped' throngs are also very fashionable to compliment spring. For example, the golden bling bag on the right corner is something very 'hot' now (Picture 1). It's shape as a basket is befitting for spring and the blings just adds extreme class to your get up. Of course, make sure that the colours you select for the outfit would compliment your accessories. One more thing to highlight would be the bling ribbon shaped necklaces. Those would just be the ultimate accessory to go with anything (Picture 1 & 2).

These next three pages would show case the different brands available and the current cuttings and needs of every girl for this spring as recommended by the stores in 109. I'm sure you guys can look through the styles yourselves =) To sum up this review, just remember although these things may be expensive and unavailable in our local context, you could always improvise and make yourself beautiful without spending much. Just look out for the following points:
  1. Creating only 1 POINT in your fashion is sufficient
  2. Do not over-do colours (Stick to 3 or 4 Max)
  3. Shoes MAKE a difference
  4. Please Take care of your make up and hair because that is probably the first thing noticed.
  5. Spring - Western style (Laces, florals, blings, military, cowboy style)
With that, I shall sum up my adventures for this portion of Shibuya 109! I shall be reporting more soon on other brands such as Cecil McBee, WC, etc... Stay tuned here for more on fashion updates! =)

Adaptation Exclusively From Ilse Adel

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