Wednesday, April 07, 2010

In Memory Of Joan M. Bergstrom

The news came so sudden today that our wonderful Joan had passed away. She has been such an inspiration and advocate in our field and it is really a great loss for us that she has left us. Although I had only known her for a short period of time since the beginning of the Wheelock Degree programme, she has always been just that gentle lady with a big smile to me. I hoped to learn more about her and from her, but now, I know that the only thing that we could do is the advocate for our children and make it known to the world about Early Childhood to keep the spirit of everything that she has been pushing through for our field thus far.

Dedicated To Dr Bergstrom

Thank You for sharing this video with us Geri on the words Joan would have also wanted to pass to us. Wherever she is now in Heaven, I know that she would be looking over us and showing us the way to bringing more light on our path. It was such a great blessing to have known such a wonderful person. It is regrettable she won't be able to be there for our graduation but I would keep all our fond memories close to my heart. She will be greatly missed..

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