Thursday, April 22, 2010

Travel Japan: Osaka

Osaka Part 3
(Universal Studios, Hard Rock Osaka & Shinsaibashi)

It was time for Universal Studios Japan (USJ) and I was super excited to visit it since I love thrills and having fun! There is nothing much to explain since I guess that the pictures would do the talking! Wished the weather was better though, but here goes...

Grabbing Characters

Spiderman Ride (Awesome Effects)

Jurrasic Park Ride (BIG & WET THRILL)

Big Head Store (Sesame Street)

Pink Panther Lounge

Snoopy Adventures

Land Of Oz (Favourite Carousel)

Sanrio Store

Beetle Juice Rock Show

So after all the action in USJ, it was time to take a break and why not visit Hard Rock which was just outside the premise! It was kind of the most expensive coffee there which wasn't really WOW, but it was a nice ambiance with all the rock star stuffs. Bro bought his collectible glass and that cost like almost $40 bucks? Crazy.. but it was an experience after all. By the way, I learnt that HRO is like the only HR in the world that sells Tee's that have the logo HARD ROCK CAFE OSAKA, Universal Studios! Those few words more just gives that kick that you didn't loose out hahah.. but I didn't get it anyways cause i'd rather get Burberry =P.

Hard Rock Osaka

After leaving, it was time for dinner and we headed off to the famous Shinsaibashi for Shabu Shabu! It was a pity the rain was still at it. Argh, hate the crazy weather, one moment it shines and the next, it pours.. But well, there were umpteen shopping and food in the place and of course, my HANDSOME Osaka Hosts who drive Ferrari's and just look like manga characters (SERIOUS)! HAHA.. didn't take a picture since we were not allowed to (common knowledge) but well, as long as I remember. HAHA! I now know why they can earn so much out of rich ladies.

Food & Shopping

Hunk in picture one is like giving out flyers dressed so nicely in the rain. LOL!

Walking through the busy street, we headed for dinner at a Shabu Shabu place. It was a simple dinner and I would be looking forward to more Authentic Japanese cuisine!

It was a really packed day today with all the action. really enjoyed the theme park but I wished that there was more time and more sun at the places we visited today. There was so much to see in Shinsaibashi! But well, I shall go there again if the opportunity rises!

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