Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gundam Festival 2010

Gundam Festival 2010

We passed by the Gundam fair today at Compass point as love and I were on our way to go get dinner. It was really packed and I must say that there were many models up for display. I would be showing some that really caught my eye.

Upon entering be greeted by the human sized models at the entrance.

Next, would be the series that features those models from the upcoming movie coming on 30th October (Which is real soon)! I am quite excited since the Gundam movies have always been interesting in a different way, although there are many similar mobile suit movies around.

This other one is one of our favourite's as it was a really detailed model done in a Gundam hanger. If you look closely, there are even technicians walking in the place. Very life-like or realistic in a manner, which makes it so much more attractive.

Next would would be the most Chibi versions of the Gundam's - Dynasty Warrior versions! I really like the way they have those very 'angry' expressions although they are so small. But I do think that they did a good job with the backdrop of the models.

However, a special feature which would be a treat for Singaporean's would be the Merlion Gundam which was revealed. I mean, this is uniquely Singapore.

The samurai versions were really awesome as well with their gold plated wear and the authentic samurai armour on. I was attracted to this display and thought that they were impressive.

Here are a couple more very cool Gundam displays which were award winning. Of course, there were also special orders made with transparent parts and gold plates. A really nice combination.

Lastly, bask in the ambiance of a true war with the dynasty warriors all laid out in the center stage. It was a big effort to lay all the models out in battle mode and it was really interesting that the models were on rocks, horses and all. Super cool indeed as Gundam lovers got to see how a war Gundam style looked like up close.

All in all, it was a small but fulfilling event as people really saw the award winning Gundam's up close, they even had a piece of the giant Gundam from Japan itself, right on the center stage (Reminds me about the head I saw when I was in Japan)! But It was fun to also see models in pilot uniforms with all the Otaku photographers like literally hogging them wherever they went.

A fun outing for machine lovers and really, everyone can enjoy this convention.

See them around Singapore the next time.

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