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European Cuisine - LUSH Restaurant & Bar

The LUSH Extravaganza

We recently visited an upbeat restaurant called Lush for food and wine tasting. And guess what? We were given another opportunity to satisfy our palettes as we were graciously invited by the owners to come down once again for a round of gastronomic delight. Had a wonderful evening there and boy, would you not want to miss out on the wine and dine! 

Before Dinner

Our Hosts

Wonderful Ambiance

Find out where you can chill out and enjoy good food and wine at affordable prices and this would definitely be the place for you. Here is a little peek at what we enjoyed that evening.

For starters, we had pumpkin soup with crispy bacon and sautéed mushrooms, which was specially served for the occasion and thoroughly enjoyed! Imagine smooth creamy pumpkin with mixed with crispy bacon, pausing a second to frame the inclusion of the fragrance of fresh mushrooms all melding into one simple, elegant starter and you would only have just taken the first step on the path to understand this dish.

Pumpkin Soup & Home Made Toast


Already hyped from the unexpected treat, we were expecting more from the next entrée, and I can say we were not to be disappointed. For those out there who have never tried foie gras, Lush is without DOUBT, the place that I would recommend you to get your first experience. Many restaurants have this on their menu, but a vast majority of them do not know how to prepare such a dish that requires attention to detail.

Foie Gras

The rich buttery taste of the meat is complimented well by the caramelized green apple slices that come with the dish. The slight sour taste of the apple serves to bring out the richness of the dish, the exterior of which is seared over a pan quickly to produce a slightly crisp texture which then locks in the flavor of the meat without overcooking it. A salut to the chef’s skill. 

Pesto Linguine With Cherry Tomatoes & Shrimps

We love the food at this place, but I guess we can’t expect to have it all in any restaurant, and sadly, this pasta was a little off the mark. I loved the presentation of the dish, and thought that it looked really presentable, but we felt that the taste was a disappointment. The linguine was dry and the flavor was not smoothly spread around. The flavor was of a garlic and Caribbean taste, but it failed to mask up the dryness and the result was a plain taste. We believe that there is much potential for improvement though.

Chicken Fricassee

As the main arrived, the first thing we went for was the peas. The quality of a chef can be determined by how much attention to details he puts in his work, and many a time we believe you readers must have dug into a dish only to find out that the condiments were not properly cooked, or had the taste of an item that’s flash defrosted with hints of ice.

This was the total opposite of what was found here. The potatoes were cooked well, and the peas were perfect; the taste was locked in and the freshness was prevalent over all other tastes. However, the chicken was a little dry, but that said, it was not hard as one would expect. This dish rates pretty average for our palate. A dish to be had with lunch with friends.

Lemon-Marinated Pork Chop

As an aesthetically pleasing dish served on an artsy plate, this dish automatically wins points. Note how the green leaves just blends in so naturally with the golden brown fries and the meat, and how pink and tender the pork looks with the pesto as its contrasting opposite.

The pork is slightly dry, though it is soft and we feel that it could be better if it was slightly juicier. It was easy to part the meat without slicing, and when chewing the meat it gives a ‘melt in the mouth’ feeling. It was a good decision to leave the chips unsalted, as it would have killed the taste of the loin. But, the chips are to die for. Seriously. 

Lemon Posset

Ahh, time for dessert. Our second time on this dish, now complete with berry compote and the crumble. We love the refreshing feeling it brings to the fore and definitely would recommend this to be served with coffee, preferably a long black, or cappuccino as the sweetness of the berries and the posset will be tempered by the bitterness of the coffee to produce a balanced feel that is easily enjoyable to all.

Besides that food in our course, we also tried the bar food spread at LUSH and these were unique in their taste and would definitely get thumbs up for a light snack anytime. Even if you never liked these before, you would start to love them.

Quesadillas With Cheese, Salsa & Beef

Thai Fish Cakes

Home-Made Potato Wedges & Chicken Wings

Besides the appetizing food, LUSH, as mention by their owners, actually does take on the meaning of being a chill out place for good wines and they definitely proved themselves with the robust selection of wines personally picked by Steven himself.

Wide Selection Of Wines

Regardless of whether you are just out to sip some wine on a laid back evening or out to impress the ladies or brothers, this will be the place to start. You will find something to fit your fancy; just ask the friendly staff for a recommendation. Many times have we gone to a restaurant and asked for a recommendation, which then leads us quickly to be disappointed with the quality of drink at the first sip, but you won’t find that problem here. Each wine we had the privilege of trying had its own character and complexity. The wines were well balanced, each with their own strengths.

Wine 1: Cederberg, Bukettraube 2010, South African White

A sweet and fruity wine. Simple yes, yet is alluring with its fragrance, not acidic with a smooth aftertaste. A gentle new age wine that is an excellent choice for women. 

Wine 2: Vergelegen, Chardonnay 2010, South African White

Strong with oak with a hint of subtlety. Has a very smooth dry aftertaste, and is not as acidic as one would expect. A complex wine for the sophisticated man and a great choice for after work gatherings. 

Wine 3: Fishbone, Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2008, Western Australian Red

Well-balanced wine for men. A sweet and fruity variant that is not acidic and leaves you with a sense of satisfaction. A contrast with the chardonnay, featuring each wine’s strong point in comparison with the other. 

Good Wine Makes Our Day

With so much in store, it was very difficult to not enjoy ourselves, especially with the great company, food and ambiance. Not to mention, the fireworks, since the restaurant was strategically placed in the heart of the city where the action always is! A wonderful plus point for anyone looking for excitement, romance and everything else.

The Lovely Ladies

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this second time and it would be all thanks to our hosts for their hospitality once again. The food this time was much more bold in selection and comparatively better in terms of presentation, preparation and appeal.

It was a wonderful night at LUSH and we do appreciate the specials that our dear hosts Steven and Connie prepared for us. Thank you for the beautiful experience once again.
How can you resist? Well, love yourself and love your life. This LUSH experience would be worth that try. Even I would recommend everyone to bring friends, love and family there for any occasion. So what are you waiting for!

Photoshoot - Eli's Portfolio

Loving Eli Cat

Looking forward to showcase Eli's portfolio soon!

MV - Andrew Allen: Loving You Tonight

A Sweet Greeting To You

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Video - LUSH Restaurant Video Trailer

Our Very First Video Trailer

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Nail Inspiration - #6 Crackled Nails

The CNY Crackle

Love the crackles and surprises this new year.

Have a lucky, prosperous and happy new year everyone!
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