Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fashion - Summer Men Fashion 2010

Summer Essentials For Men

It just dawned on me that since the girls are going to be so awesome, I should dig out some sweets for the guys as well to match on the battle of fashion. But I really don't know what guys like since this is my first attempt to share more on men's fashion. So all my selections are based on my individual taste and intuition on what might look good on men. But still, I guess most girls, including myself, would love a man in these, this summer!

It's simple this season for guys to look drop dead gorgeous, the RUGGED look is in.


Aviator Shades

Take on the mysterious look while protecting your eyes.

Braided Belts

Belts as neutrals to match fresh and light colour clothes this summer.

Suede Mocs/Loafers

The comfortable and perfect match for your summer wears.


Fitting Tees

Show off your body in fitting shirts while keeping cool in the warm weather.

Button Down Shirts

Show off your sexy side with these...


Madras Shorts

Creates the fitting and sexy look I feel is just right for this weather.


Pants for more formal days while still staying chic.

Besides those, here are some inspiring looks for more ideas on a summer get up for men. There is a wide mixture for casual and formal styles and I'm sure there is a style for all. Just be sporting this once and make the ladies love you all.

Hope you guys like the mixture of ideas for the get ups for yourself as I shed light on what I would fix my man with this summer. Enjoy =)

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