Friday, February 26, 2010

Make Up - Red Earth BB Cream

Red Earth BB Cream

Details: Red Earth BB Cream (All In One Foundation)
Stores: Make Up Stores (SASA, etc)
Tones: Cocoa & (Another lighter Colour - Highlights)
Price: SGD$ 29.00

I recently added this to my make up hull and it would be none other then the newest BB cream launched by Red Earth. I was searching for a good concealer that did not end up cakey after being exposed to perspiration from heat outside since I have always had this problem. Hence on just a random occasion when I was just browsing through some products at SASA, I began my search for a concealer that would give me flawless skin if possible, and fulfill my requirement of not becoming overly thick around the areas in which I would apply it.

After trying out many brands, I found that this was one that suited my skin tone and was really something different from the rest of the concealers that I was recommended. First up, I have a great problem of getting the correct concealer as I am fair with a rosy tinge on my face, thus many concealers tend to be too yellow for me.

But, this, although not very light in tone, was excellent with smooth and light finish. I was quite impressed with the product as it was also considered inexpensive. The best part would be the brush head in the BB cream/concealer as you would not have to blend with your fingers, pulling the delicate eye area, but just use the nozzle and lightly blend the cream onto the areas you wish to. By doing this, it would also accentuate the eye area making it look fresh and dewy.

The Red Earth BB cream is user friendly and is applied easily to the skin to cover up flaws. I would recommend this to all girls, especially with fair complexion. It comes in 2 tones with this Cocoa one as the darker tone. The other one is a lighter tone (forget the name for it) but it may be too light for a concealer, which I wanted it to be. Price is fairly moderate and thus, a great buy for girls who want lovely finishes. It also works as a pore concealer by the way! =) Loving it for now..

P.S: I paired this up with Skin Food's BB Cream as the foundation layer for my skin. They blend in well together and would give a nice tone after blending. Hope you guys like the recommendation that I would like to share to help all fair ladies with concealer issues!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nail Inspiration - #1 Gothic Love

#1 Gothic Love
A baby doll inspired look with a simple design.

The whole construction of the design is mainly made up of the use of these items which I shall list out beginning from the top row to bottom row (Left - Right):

  1. ViVi Nail Rose Shape (Aries $3.90)
  2. COLOURS French Nail Tip (Daiso $2.00)
  3. Assorted Blings Black
  4. Assorted Blings White
  5. Assorted Blings Pink
  6. Thin Nail Art Metal Chains
  7. Bling Nipper (Any Beauty Store - SaSa, Aries)
  8. Top Coat (Any Beauty Store - SaSa, Aries)
  9. Nail Trimming Scissors (Any Beauty Store - SaSa, Aries)
  10. Nail File (Any Beauty Store - SaSa, Aries)

* For Items 3 - 6, they come in various sizes and packages from Daiso.

...Share The Love...

Step 1:
  • Select nails and trim them to fit onto own fingernails.
  • Trim the sides of the nail if it is jutting out of your nail diameter.
Step 2:
  • Buff the nails only at sides and front to smoothen out the edges.
  • File the nails in a left to right notion.
  • Do not rub the file on the surface to prevent scratching.

Step 3:
Ready items to be used:
  • Rubber Flower (ViVi)
  • Blings (White - 5, Black - 5, Pink - 9) *Size is up to you
  • Pink Nail Chain
  • Tweezer Nip
  • Top Coat
Step 4:
  • Apply a top coat layer to the area to secure flower (ViVi).
  • Hold the flower down onto the nail for about 20 seconds.
Step 5:
  • Apply top coat onto the edge of the inner french manicure line.
  • Arrange the 5 white blings along the divider.
  • Use Tweezer nip to move the blings into position.
  • Follow process till you finish lines of White, Pink and Black.
Step 6:
  • Measure the length of pink chain needed to connect in the position.
  • Trim the chain to that size.
  • Apply top coat and follow same instructions to attach the chain.
Step 7:
  • Polish up the look by applying top coat to the entire nail.
  • Allow it to dry and with that, you are DONE!

Just let your creativity run wild, after all, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Let's all share the love of looking and feeling confident with all those beautiful nails of ours.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wheelock - End Of Intensive Week Part 2

Lunch Celebration

So finally, the last day of what was supposed to be the worst of the whole of our college years. But I was just so glad we got through! Here were were invited to a mini celebration to mark our efforts for the last 6 weeks and of course as a farewell to our Bostonian lecturer's Kathy, Beth and Sue Sharples. Step 1 was to gather at the party venue which was outside our Wheelock office.

We found the yellow wall super vibrant and so we took a few poses there. This was just the nicest! Anyway, we then started to move on to the lunch buffet which was catered and planned this year by our student council. We wanted to give a little of our culture to the lecturer's so this year, 'Yu Sheng' was prepared to be done as a mass. This was prior to the ceremony - preparation times!

After which, it was like 1, 2, 3... and the crazy flipping of the vegetables with 63 screaming girls and the Wheelock Singapore faculty. Gosh, you could see their enthusiasm. It was COOL although I didn't really know what I should yell but getting 'A's for all modules and first class honours.. hahah.

Anyway, after taking a break and eating the other local delicacies ordered such as Curry Puffs, Kong Pao Chicken, Dim Sum'ish Beancurd and other stuffs, it was time to give a little present to our lecturer's in appreciation of their hard work over the past 6 weeks with our cohort.

They each received a Batik skirt and book which was prepared for them and boy you could check out how cute they looked in some Asian flavour.

After all the action, it was then time to move on the more 'Artsy' fun of the event. Charlene had volunteered to come in to do face painting and we girls just loved her professionalism and awesome art skills. Here were some of the people which got their faces and hands done. Beautiful don't you guys think? I was there to volunteer and help her collect pictures of her products for her portfolio as well and finally, she did a freestyle for me as a thank you and since I didn't know what I should get!

I loved the great job she did and she was there painting almost half of the cohort for the past 2 hours of the celebration. Really kudo's to her for her passion and talent for the job. I could really see her experience pay off as she was sure of how every design went like and what she could do to really make everyone happy. We were all so proud of our new marks and started to show off our products.

Here I am with the artist Charlene and I really want to tell her how much I appreciated her patience and creativity to even give me a design to match my outfit that day which included leopard print shoes, which explains why the orange toned butterfly. Thanks babe! =)

Last but not least here are the wonderful lecturer's Beth and Kathy. I would really miss you guys and well, at least we have a nice momento to keep each other close in our hearts. I hope that I would be able to meet up with them soon, and yes, I am so excited for the bowling session with them on the 27th of February.

This ending would only be the beginning of something even more wonderful. This crazy 6 weeks were madly stressful but the returns in knowledge and memories were really unforgettable. 3 Cheers for the Wheelockies!

Wheelock - End Of Intensive Week Part 1

Dinner At Kushin Bo

After the day of celebration, it was then time to go for the nights outing. We had planned to go for our reunion dinner tonight and it was going to be held at Kushin Bo - Suntec. We were all uber hungry and when food arrived, it was heavenly.

I had been craving a long time for the Tempura, Snow Crab, Soba, Dessert. Sashimi and everything else there, so yeap, we just got on to the food and were stuffing ourselves with the wonderful things on the buffet table. But I must say I was a little disappointed with the Chawanmushi as it taste very raw. I don't really know how to describe that taste except by saying it was far to raw and the taste of it was too overwhelming for me to enjoy it. As for the snow crab, it was a little too much with the strong tinge of seafood to it. Not my kind either.

But the rest was awesome. Some things no to miss would be the handrolls, sashimi (juicy and fresh), daikon soup, Nabe hotpot, teapot soup, all the noodle dishes and of course the fried stuffs which include tempura, ebi fry, soft shell crabs, unagi and more.

Dessert was nice too with the wonderful white chocolate ball and mini cake dishes which were all lined up on the counter. That ever flowing chocolate fondue fountain was also too hard to resist when we were grabbing some green tea softies. Gosh... I really ate.. So much for my CNY resolution to slim down. Just look at the cute dessert..

So after dinner, just imagine a scene of 11 girls taking pictures like crazy women. As you should know by now, besides diamonds, women love the camera, and thus... THIS:

Anyway, after leaving the place, we then made it over the the MSQ Kbox for a while night of fun! Some of the girls left, while we went over to Cotton On to get some slippers as our killer heels were really killing our feet after the whole day of like almost more than 12 hours in them. We then bought our slippers and tried on many other things in the shop. Here is my ever so cute LALA! Ain't she just so cute in all the different frames!

After all the crazy things, we finally continued on our journey towards MSQ. All I have to say, was that the walk there was super SUPER 'SHIOK'. It was really like flying as we made our way over in the slippers we bought. It was a happy thing, rather then having to waddle like ducks over to K and have all people staring at us like something was wrong with these girls who were in heels and nicely dressed with their faces all painted rainbow. Please totally ignore my outfit as I ripped my stockings and shoes off, ending up really looking casual with my top tied to the side, matched with shorts and slippers walking about town. We all were just so elated with the slippers that we went off to start with our crazy antics again.

Forgetting about that, we finally got to Kbox, but then, that was not the end of everything.. We booked the room at 9pm but were late, so we had to wait till probably about 1030pm before another room could be leased to us. We waited around until the in charge brought us in the the VIP room for a rest. However, that was just a holding room. We were quite excited on going in as there was a huge stage, pool table and tables for us to laze around with while singing, however, we ended up in another large room after about 10 minutes of changing 3 rooms? It was a given that they did not charge us the time limit. So, we ended up SINGING till 3am in the morning..

It was really an enjoyable day and we really rocked everything on our last day of school. There was really a weight off my shoulders as I enjoyed my day with the girls and I must thank them all for being enthusiastic and sporting today. Looking forward to more adventures with the Margaret family... =) See them next week.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Unicorn My Love

Thanks To Lalapops! I love it... Really appreciate it alot =) It shall be my booster for this last few weeks. When I look at it, I shall remember all our times together 'Chionging' and be able to work harder. Love lala love.... Rabu you~
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