Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photoshoot - Boa Vida & Lazer Brasileria 2010

Boa Vida 2010

Bun up your hair the way you like and accessorize it with gold and bronze as you show off your sassy attitude this season! Make yourself feel like a woman by being confident of your inner beauty. Show off that face and be playful with your hair.

A Streak Of Goddess

As it is, the women of Brazil are bold and confident, hence that special attractiveness to them. Infuse that culture into our local culture and let's take that step with Aura to bringing on a bold yet simple look.

Toga's are incredibly the hot items this season as well, and the sky blue tone chosen was just perfect to highlight her fair skin. Last, remember to adorn yourself with some chunky accessories to compete the look! Bring out that appeal and sunshine in you!

Lazer Brasileria 2010

Enjoy the beach with a well planned outfit for comfort and beauty. The first look entices a bright pink tie-dye maxi to outshine the bright sun and yet give off that soft feminine vibe.

Bubbly Rays Of Light

However, It is also very important to stay protected from the rays of the harsh sun. Hence, go for hats to protect yourself from the sun while complimenting your outfit, like the white cowboy hat. Always remember to protect yourself in shade while having a day out at the beach! Always choose a good spot to rest and relax, as that is what having fun is all about.

If you decide to go into the sun, a stroll on the beach would be just perfect for you to enjoy the sea breeze and soak in the sun. Just make sure your dress doesn't sweep up all the sand. Play with your outfit and explore different ways you can tie up the hem of the dress and make it into a cute short dress when you need it!

Summer Philosophy: Be Simple, Be Natural, Be Confident Ilse Adel

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduation Of The Exceptional 62

Graduation Of The Exceptional 62

A milestone in my life. The day that our journey ends after our fives years together. I will miss those days, but the memories will stay in our hearts always.

We'll start off with the Margaret family who stood together all the way. My most cherished sisters that have been looking out for each other both at home and during our long trip in Boston. I can't thank them enough for always being there for me.


Although not everyone was present, including my Rabu Lala, it was still a memorial day with the girls! At this moment, I do really want to shout out, "It's been a long time coming!"

But hey, I guess a new path has been paved for all of us as working society is not bed of roses. However, I do have to thank this certain group of people that put me under their wings all these years. Thanks to them, I now can fly. Caught a few of them, and would really like to thank them for all their guidance and wisdom.

My Dear Lecturers

Of course, the most important would be my family and loved one's who have been supporting me all this while. Without them, getting through the rough road would have just ended in misery and failure. My dear family was always there and supported me through the tough days with tonics, lifts and seeing me through.


The rest of the exceptional 62 were also sweets as we passed through the thick and thin together. I love all the girls.. I am lucky to know every single one of them.

Wheelock College Cohort 2

Inspiring Children & Families all around the world.

We can make that difference!

So many memories and friendships brought closer due to time and passion. Those days at Wheelock were the best and unforgettable. Thanks for letting me into all these wonderful people through these years.

I will remember out days and believe in my happy pill.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fashion - Summer Trends 2010

10 Tasteful Delights For Summer 2010

Be spoilt for choice with the flashy summer wear suggested by these wonderful brands.

  1. Little Black Dresses - Fendi
  2. Lamp Shade Skirts With Summer Neons - Chanel
  3. Dress Over Cycling Shorts - LV
  4. Light Airy Lace - D&G
  5. Native Print & Tough Accessories - Gucci
  6. Ruffles - Lanvin
  7. Embelished White Shirts - Yves Saint Laurent
  8. Pleats - Versus
  9. Black & White With Polka Dots - Emporio Armani
  10. Brights & Prints - Marc By Marc Jacobs

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nail Inspiration - #4 Pink Paradise

#4 Pink Paradise

This look takes on a simple yet chic approach with pearls and glitter,

giving sweet girls that extra shine of class this summer.

Inspired by love who painstakingly did the sponging for the design!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Girlfriends Do

Eating is a blessing and I love going out with Huifen and Xinni as they are girls that know how to treat themselves right and enjoy food. Tonight there was only 3 of us as the other 2 were out of town and bound by work. But we enjoyed 'Ding Tai Feng's' food and ever so famous 'Xiao Long Bao' for dinner thanks to Xinni who gave me a treat for my birthday!

Anyway, since the girls were so famished after work, we did not stop there with dinner, but continued with additional sides of XXL chicken and Yami yogurt while warming seats down at the basement of Junction 8.

We girls never run out of things to say to each other and I must say that we have been through quite some things together and thus maybe is the reason why we can always just sip coffee together and be comfortable doing our own things. However, there was one thing that we could not miss out on doing and that would be watching the most important movie of the moment, Sex & The City 2!

It was an awesome movie and an awesome date with the girls although there were some irritating incidents that happened today (Explained in next post). we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and all just went great! Can't wait to meet up again with them as life is just SO much better with them in it.

P.S: Congratulations to Xinni for winning an award. We're your charms!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Japanese Cuisine - Streets Of Tokyo

Talk About Real Japanese Cuisine

After tasting the Japanese food back in Singapore, I just feel that they are nice, but nothing close to what they really have in Japan. I had already talked about the mouth watering sashimi at my favourite sushi bar, as well as wonderful cold soba from family restaurants there.

But after the food I had with Seri the day before, there was just reminiscence and I felt I should share some of the other awesome things I had tried over at the land of the rising sun!

King Combo Ramen

Chewy noodles, rich soup base, half boiled eggs & melt in your mouth char siew

Udon Tempura Bento

Crispy sweet tempura, tasty rice accompaniments with smooth slurpy udon


Sweet and warm red bean oozing out from within fresh crispy waffle

Giant Meat Balls

Huge meatballs dipped in teriyaki sauce and baked to perfection

Katsu Don

Every so famous golden brown pork cutlet served over egg, rice and onions

Shrimp Mayonnaise Sandwich

Fresh seafood accompanied with sweet egg and greens on baguette


Cheese, Mayonnaise, oregano and bonito flakes over dish packing huge squid bits

Kobe Beef

Ever so famous must try that will melt in your mouth leaving you with NO regrets

Potato Croquette

Enjoy all the different types of croquette from meats, greens, fish and more, AWEsome!


Osaka's pride of fried noodles packed with a punch of wonderful flavour in succulent egg


You WILL be spoilt for choice


Their very own Mcspicy Japanese style - Akatogarashi Burger

These are just some of the nice things I had tried over there! All this thinking about the food just makes me want to get right back there to enjoy all the types of food they offer. If I must say, food is a big thing you can enjoy in Japan instead of shopping and it is great that they have quite the healthy choices too.

Everything from breads to curry rice and all could just make you keep coming back for more. Surprisingly, due to the cool weather, you get hungry easily too, and hence, it makes a great place to be able to munch off anything, anytime - My food haven.

So much for cuisine in Singapore. We have a long way to go... But for now, Banzai to food!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fashion - Summer Men Fashion 2010

Summer Essentials For Men

It just dawned on me that since the girls are going to be so awesome, I should dig out some sweets for the guys as well to match on the battle of fashion. But I really don't know what guys like since this is my first attempt to share more on men's fashion. So all my selections are based on my individual taste and intuition on what might look good on men. But still, I guess most girls, including myself, would love a man in these, this summer!

It's simple this season for guys to look drop dead gorgeous, the RUGGED look is in.


Aviator Shades

Take on the mysterious look while protecting your eyes.

Braided Belts

Belts as neutrals to match fresh and light colour clothes this summer.

Suede Mocs/Loafers

The comfortable and perfect match for your summer wears.


Fitting Tees

Show off your body in fitting shirts while keeping cool in the warm weather.

Button Down Shirts

Show off your sexy side with these...


Madras Shorts

Creates the fitting and sexy look I feel is just right for this weather.


Pants for more formal days while still staying chic.

Besides those, here are some inspiring looks for more ideas on a summer get up for men. There is a wide mixture for casual and formal styles and I'm sure there is a style for all. Just be sporting this once and make the ladies love you all.

Hope you guys like the mixture of ideas for the get ups for yourself as I shed light on what I would fix my man with this summer. Enjoy =)
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