Saturday, July 24, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

A little preview on my trip to USS. Went there on sponsorship from the company and It was a fun place for a retreat. Small but sweet comparing with US-Japan. I had fun.

Hollywood Street


Had lunch here which was surprisingly nice and affordable. I had that chicken thigh set which was just a little over 1o bucks? It came with dessert as well and really, I was not able to finish it at all. But the place was really packed and I think the reason would be cause there was a few different delightful choices of food in the store. A great stop over.


Next, I went over to the land of Shrek where I had a great time on the mini roller coaster ride which was supposedly for children. However, it was really great and exciting. I think the girls and I would all agree that it was chilling!

Revenge of the Mummy

This however, was really AWESOME with caps as I felt that it was comparable to the ride I had in USJ which took on the spider man storyline. Get ready for screams, speed and scares in this spooky coaster. Thumbs up!

Jurassic Park

Have loads of fun taking the water coaster here. Just remember to bring your own poncho's to save on the one's they sell in there. But really, you dun have to even bring one if you dare to get wet. I would recommend this for you guys who love adventure into history.

Battle Star Galactica

This however, was not open yet. I was really disappointed as I heard the many stories about it and thus, the high anticipation and anxiousness to try the ride. Guess I would have to try it out when it opens.

From here, I guess it is obvious I love adventures. Took almost all the coasters and was loving it! Just hope that I could go back again with more time to explore the rest of the attractions. Well, this would be it for now as my mini review comes to an end. All I can say is love USS and have fun! It is definitely a place to spend and scream it all out.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chinese Cuisine - The Cathay Restaurant

Family Birthday

It was a happy birthday celebration for grandpa and Kim at the The Cathay restaurant. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the food as it was fantastic, although pricey. But well, the main point was to have everyone enjoy themselves. Hence, it was worth it.

Happy Grandparents

Rest Of The Gang

Have a short tour of some of the food that we had. I was lazy to take more after the rest of the food came up since I decided that eating was the priority after tasting the first few dishes.

Birthday Peach Buns

Double Broiled soup (This cost $68.80?!)

Peking Duck



Well this was not all, after being stuffed by the food, there were still 2 cakes, since it was in celebration of two people. Oh M G?

Cocoa Mocha - Secret Recipe

Strawberry Shortcake - Bakerz Inn

The Star

All in all, it was a great gathering and I guess that you would be able to see that from all our chubby faces.

Food was great and ambiance was also relaxing and nice. I would really love to go back to this place for another time if I can. Next would be grandma's birthday coming up and well, it would be time for another opportunity to try out another great eating place. Until then.
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