Thursday, May 19, 2011

World Gourmet Summit 2011

Rustic Cut WGS Event

Participating in the World Gourmet Summit (WGS) this year, I got the opportunity to enjoy quality cuts at the wonderful Level 33 Brewery at the Standard Chartered Building, Singapore. With high expectations from the previous experiences, I was ready to bask in great food that day.


Located in the Central Business District, Level33 was not a disappointment with the exquisite design, view and interior that it had. We were surprised with the little pockets of sections at every turn, which gave their diners privacy, and of course, the majestic beer brewer that was the spotlight.

Bar Area

Known for its beers and special brews, we were pampered with their new additions specially for the WGS. What else could make your day than a cool beer on a warm, humid, afternoon.

Enjoying Blue Stout & Blond Mojito

The drinks were very refreshing and the mojito, especially, gave a very light, fruity taste with the right accompaniment of strawberries and mint leaves to enhance it's taste. Well, back to the dining experience, everything did not fall short with the wide range of starters and appetizers they presented at their well segregated food bars.

Ploughman's Table

This section served an assortment of cheese, cold cuts, oysters, sashimi and pasta's to just make those taste buds salivate.

Cold Cuts & Top Quality Ham

The meats were so succulent and fine, melting away with the quails eggs and assortment of delicious sauces to match each type of meat. We were blown away by the selection and enjoyed every bite.

What A Way For Cheese To Go With Salad

The Egg Table

A wonderful blend of poached eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs and all types of eggs you can imagine, combined with meats and salads. A gastronomic delight. We particularly enjoyed the braised duck egg roll which just melted in our mouths.

Fresh Bread At The Lounge Area

For Cheese Lovers

The lounge served an assortment of cheese, bread and fruit paste which were simply delightful and a great way to kick off the main course after. It was really enjoyable to tear of the freshly baked bread and spread it with the cheese and fruit paste of your choice. 

Lamb At The Terrace 

This was one of the main dishes served and well, was a tad of a disappointment as the meat was a little cold and tough by the time we tried it. But well, a good attempt and experience.

Chinese Bites At The Terrace

You would not want to miss this as the prawn rolls just crunched up into bits, greeting you with fresh whole prawns in it. The Chinese appetizers with tasty and just the right thing to salt up your palette. With so much to explore at the buffet table, we could also choose to sit back and relax while the crew served us main courses and drinks.

Freshen Up With Sanpellegrino

Enjoying Our Appitizers

Looking Through The Menu

Main Course Soup Of Foie Gras & Consume

The consume was well done and clear, making it a tasty broth to begin with. However, the Foie Gras, I must say, was a little too oily and clouded up the soup. On the overall, it was just alright.

Main Course Board Of Beef With Signature Condiments 

On the contrary, the beef made up for everything with the very difficult to make, Beef Tartar, stewed beef, broiled and grilled beefs that were tender and just right with the potato, onion rings and other condiments as sides. We really enjoyed this dish and applaud the chef for their wonderful presentation as well.

With all these down, we were really filled to the brim. However, how could we ever skip dessert? We made our last stop to the dessert table at the lounge where they had coffee, breads, fruits and our favourite macarons!

Chateau Blanc Macarons Not To Be Missed

Cakes, Pastry & Tarts To Delight

We swear that you, who does not like sweets, would still gobble down these desserts as they were heavenly. We seldom praise desserts as we both don't have the sweet tooth either. But really, this was just wonderful. It was truly a fulfilling brunch and I would definitely go back to Level33 one of these days to try out their usual array of foods and services. With that, Salute WGS.

LUSH Restaurant & Bar - Official Launch

Enjoy Fine Dining To The Fullest

Finally the day of it's Official Launching! Ilse Adel was invited to grace the event and boy were we glad to revisit this place. Take a look at what greeted us!

Welcome To The Private Party

Well Wishes From Everyone

Of course we also enjoyed our wine and dine and thank Connie for being such a hospitable host. Always do enjoy her company.

Connie & I

Our Favourite German Pour

Dinner Is Served!

We had a great time at the party and I cannot deny that the food there is always great despite the challenge getting there. 

The Ladies

Thanks LUSH for the great time and we will be back there soon again. Will see you soon Connie, so keep up the good work and know that you can do it! 

Hair - Essensuals Hairdressing Bugis: Styling For LUSH

Essensuals Bugis Once More

What more to say than thank you Essensuals Bugis for the wonderful job done! We really do appreciate that Bryan, Nana and Ginna did up our hair in that little time that they had! This is what you call good service!

Seri & I

*Ka-Ching* Love It!

I love their zest and skills. I never fail to be impressed each time I step into their doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment NOW!


Current Promotion

Australian Wine Index 2011

Australian Wine Index Presents A Good Year

A great night in high society as I enjoyed the evening with the wonderful people from the Australian Wine Index. Attended a wine tasting event at the Screening Room (Ann Siang Hill) and that was really a nice cosy place to relax at.



Beautiful, Classy Decorations

Great Selection Of Wines

It was a wonderful experience with Jon and the others as we tasted the different types of wines they had to offer, with Hazyblur as my favourite!

1. Suckfizzle

Suckfizzle was a little off the mark as it was poorly decanted and not left long enough to breathe before bring served to the guests. Even the staff at AWI admitted to that and this was a reminiscent acidic wine which had us surprised as we were misled by the aroma. On first taste, it was no where near acidic and in fact, was a very smooth merlot which would go perfectly with soft meats.

2. Hazyblur

Hazyblur won the hearts of all easily with it slightly spicy taste paired with the tinge of softness. It's refreshing taste reminded us of strong oak and citrus fruits as its allure came in droves. It's sweetness and acidity sat in perfect balance and really reminded us of LUSH Restaurant & Bar, where wines were top notch as well. Thank you for the fine quality in this one.

3. St Jakoni

This was overpowered by Hazyblur and was no where to be compared to it at all although we had high hopes for the finale. It was slightly acidic and really, akin to less fine wines that could be commonly find. There was a let down in the aroma and really a disappointment as compared to the strong wines associated with Australia. Strangely enough, all three wines were rated 95+ on the wine rating scale. 

The wines were an interesting combination and another perfect so to speak would be the finger food that were prepared for us to enjoy. The wonderful menu also brought us to a whole new gastronomical level as the food really complimented the wines to such a great extend that you would want to go for more. Our favourites would be the Potato Salad, Calamari Rings and the Wagyu Beef Burgers. Bon Appetite.

With a whole night of fun and classic movies, we ended off the party on a high note with drinks at the roof top bar - a place with great view.

Kelly & I


At The Roof Top Bar With Jon, Tom, Kelly & Jane

Can't wait to meet them again for future events and all. Thanks guys for making this a very fun-filled evening for all of us. The whole experience gave new insights and knowledge on wines, the selection process, and of course the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious evening donned with style and class of a different league. All you had to do was to sit back and enjoy the show (Charlie Chaplin & Battle Shock). A wonderful experience, truly, the life to live. With love, to AWI.

Arabic Cuisine - Nabin's Restaurant

Nabin's An Exotic Adventure

Thanks to Adrian and Eric, I had a great time at Nabin's trying out what Arabic cuisine has to offer. It was an interesting and very comfortable experience rolling about in the cushioned tables and seats while watching belly dancers strut their stuff.

Nabin's Platter

Chicken Kebab

Lamb Shank

Lasagna Like Beef Dish

Pardon me for not getting the names right as I really can't remember after all this time. Not to mention that the names were really quite long! But well, just know that they were all really good!

Enjoying Shisha 

At Dinner

To close off the night, a nice picture with the belly dancer and ourselves. Had a great time with the guys chilling at here and at Hannibal's thereafter. Meet up soon guys!

Photoshoot - Flower Smash

 Just For Jaclyn Part 3: Flower Smash

The last of the 3 part special. Over at the Art's House, we made history. Enjoy this flowery combination now with all of us.

Getting In The Mood


We Are Vogue Inspired

Love The CBD Area

Smile Everyone!

A Little More Vintage


We really did have a lot of fun and the babes just were the best in doing their best to bring out the essence of the shoot as well. Of course, we could not have done it with out our photographers Anson and Lim Kai. Thank You both so much! 

Do look out for our next photoshoot happening on the 22nd of May. There would be a different array and theme once again. Stay Tuned!
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