Sunday, December 06, 2009

Filming Project B

Filming Session

Helped out with B's film project this week and it was a brand new experience for me. It was kind of a last minute thing for me to agree to play his female lead, but I guess I should extend help to friends in need. So, this film featured 2 characters which was mainly my screen 'boyfriend' and I. B did up this photo editted picture and I got to say that the picture really... REALLY had bad picture choices, but it was a job well done. I mean, he managed to get two wasted faces merged?!

Anyway, after experiencing this film experience, I now understand that acting really needs some patience and also lot's of skill to just start going on with emotions on your face in just the click or the directors fingers. That was really a hard part when things were all just whirling around you the whole time while you were waiting for your scene or even when you were standing IN the scene. Talking about scenes, there were a few changes in the locations and I found that their filming method was really interesting as they considered alot in the lightings, angles, reflections and all.

During the filming process, there were lot's of waiting and It really got me bored, so I was there snapping pictures of them at work and of the set! We used this set of flowers for the so-called 'Make-up' scene and it really all got us twitching as this bouquet cost $13.90!? For a tiny green bear and 3 fake flower stalks.. Omg.. a rip off. But it was all thanks to our camera lady who got the flowers.. LOL.. she did get lot's of complains for it. Poor girl.

But besides that, it was really tiring. B told me that he would take up the most 2 -3 hours but it started from like 12.30pm all the way till 10.30pm at night. Call that freak working hours. But during all that waiting time, omake was in the way!

Featuring Director & Crew:

Featuring Me

Well, the video is still in the making and I guess it would be ok although my acting skills were really the crap. I didn't even change into my scene clothes to film the most crucial part of the show. But well, I tried my best not to be stoic. I would be posting up the video when it's done! =) Stay tuned till then.
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