Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday USA-Chan

It's the 5th year we've been together and yeap, did not forget your day. Anyway, hope that you had a memorable time with all your celebrations with the Margaret family and all the Wheelock people. Know its tough being away from home, but we'll all be here together. So JIA YOU! You've been a best bud all this time and i'm really glad to have my cutie USA always around me! Happy 21st love. We'll be going down this tough route ALL THE WAY! GOOOOooooo!

Boston Day 12

Visited MIT today which is one of the most prestigious colleges in USA and it was really a unique place to visit. Although I had a fever today, I was glad that I was able to pull myself up and go for the site visit that was planned for us. MIT was a very interesting place and it was one of the colleges that displayed 'queer' things, such a putting up galleries showing off the best pranks that MIT students had pulled off. One of the examples would be this toyota the students carried to the top level of the school and painted it to look like a police car. They even stuffed a fake police man dool in the drivers seat and placed him inside holding a donut and coffee. HAHA.

Anyway, the main purpose of this visit was the view the MIT childcare and it was quite a site and could be compared to the Caterpillars cove we have in Singapore. Being a bright horizon's centre, this childcare was really nice and for the Atas I would say? But it was cool to see that the childcare teachers cooked in classes and had really high ratio and welfare.. ARhhhh.. I wish it was so back home. lol...

But soon it was time so say good bye.. but the experience was really interesting and I felt that I had learnt alot on how to manage environments for children as well as ideas for handling children and parents. It is just too bad that I can't share those pictures here for you all to see how nice the classrooms were.

After class, the group of us decided that we wanted to go and visit the Sky Observatory which was at the Prudential Center. But it was unlucky for us that there was a private function and we were not allowed inside.

But though we could not go in, we found a Cheesecake Factory outlet which was supposed to have one of the best cakes in town. Heh.. excited to go try it one day. Would be heading back to the observatory soon and then I would be tempted to munch the cakes! WOO. Spend the rest of the time in Sephora with the girls snagging up free perfume samples and yea, time to get back and do work.. Nites..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boston Day 11

Visited Harvard Square this morning to just peep around the area and of course step into HARVARD Territory for the first time. It was a sweet town area that was full of red brick buildings with small roads. Didn't get to explore the whole area cos of the rain and lack of time since we were rushing back to school. But well, I would probably be going there soon for the July 4th celebrations.

Harvard Square

Anyway, we after school, we went to visit Legal Seafood which was Boston's famous chain of Seafood places. It was a nice place but we had to be on the waiting list for 1 and a half hours before we could get our table for ten. But the cool thing was that we were issued beepers to keep us informed whether the seats were ready.

While Waiting

We were not really sure what time or how far the pager reception could go so we just sat around the outseide of the diner to wait for our turn. It was ridiculously cold and I really wonder how come it was 'SUMMER'. GOSH. But when we finally got in.... It was GREAT.

The service was great and the lobster was OOOOLALA! Wasn't that expensive but it was not cheap either. enjoyed the dinner and was super full after that. But this was not the highlight yet!

Inside Legal

We actually inteded to celbrate Usa-Chan's birthday there and yeap... We all knew she was home sick and spending her special 21 with this bunch of girls. So, I hope she felt at home and enjoyed her day with us there.

Gladys' Legal Party (Pics Up Soon)

Boston Day 10

Today we visited the Museum of Fine Arts and it was really beautiful. Although it was only a brief time that we were there, I think we managed to comb most of the places. It was so beautiful.

After that, we headed over to Park Street and graced a few stores there like Macy's, DSW, H&M and some others.

But the highlight would probably be, my first ever MACDONALD's in USA~! Had a Big Mac.. for the first time in my life.. and yea.. SATISFIED.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boston Day 9


Have a nice lunch at the sushi express with Tempura Udon and I was happy cos' the price was also reasonable. Here are the girls and I while waiting for the food. There were awesome magazines with Japanese fashion and make up tips, so yea, here and I with the mag cover hair style I wanna have.

After that, it was back to school, but we headed over to Quincy after that to go walk over American Eagles, Nine West, Gap and Victoria's Secret. This was a nice view from the top of the market!

Anyway, we then headed back to do work and had a fulfilling day with it ending off with us having terriyaki chicken dinner with our favourite chowder.
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