Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boston Day 5

Today would probably be the start of shorter entries since school has officially began. It really is the scariest to know how many assignments we really have to cram up while in this short few weeks. Well, the day began with a school tour featuring the Wheelock Library as well as Campus facilities. I realized that the library was really so near (opposite our dorm) and had lot's of resources pertaining to my field, unlike in Singapore. The best thing were that the librarians were so hot blooded and friendly that you won't be afraid to ask them for tips and help if we really needed it. I can't believe there were rolls of books, journals, mags and even children resources (games boxes) for us to utilize. Cosy.

Next, it was time to head back over to the Wheelock campus. It was the first time that we were going over and it was really funny to have to walk through a park, pass a railway and then into the campus. nice walk on a chilly 14 degree day today. Ahhh...

Then, we met the facilitators over at the campus and it was especially nice to have Nancy back as our prof this summer! Well, class was class as usual and then, 5pm was the dinner bell as the group of us rushed over to have a hearty dinner at the chinese restrurant nearby. I'm missing home. Fried stuffs make me sick..... But the fun part was that the diner had fortune cookies and here were our randoms!


(Coming Soon)

It was then time to head home as Pam, Evie and Hung went to Quincy to get more things. Lala, usa and I headed back to rest and perhaps start work! The rest of the girls went shopping at Target but well, could head out to the suburbs another day when we were earlier.

Walking Back

Well, the day would now end as the laundry is going to be put in. lol.... SIAN.

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