Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boston Day 6

Today started off interesting with the field trip to the Headstart Programme Centre for children with Special needs are well as fomr lower income families. I was anxious about the trip as I did know what to expect.. but from the experience, I must say that this was one of the best experiences that I had gone through. The teachers were valued and the children appreciated. Loves those angels..

Headstart Centre (There & Back)

Here we were going off after the Headstart session for lunch and shopping. Rushed around, but today was really so tired but fun.

Exploring Boston

Anyway, had all 3 meals out today with a breakfast with Dunkin Dounuts, Lunch at Quincy Market and Dinner from Shaws. OMG. Broke along with the crazy shopping i did today. Had not really bought much but I don't know why the money is just flowing out. =(

Too tired to blog over, so this would be it. hahahahhaha.. cheerios.

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