Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boston Day 7

Just another boring day in school. Take a look at my classroom and yea, it's nice. HAHAH. Having a presentation and we were just getting ready. School is alright, but well, i wish there were shorter hours.

Having jump shots during the break time were, I guess, the main attraction and ONLY attraction of the day. Don't they just look cute!

After school was the highlight as the gang rushed off the Target stretch to get stuffs from that giant supermart. Love that place. It was huge with cheap tee's and I managed to get some things I really loved that day, though it cost a bomb in the end.

After the shopping trip, this is what happened to us. LOL. . . OMG. CONTROL... Tomorrow is another day and yes, lot's of projects to come. Missing home though....

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