Saturday, June 20, 2009

Boston Day 3

Finally day 3 and here is Lala and I before we headed out to town! Doesn't she look sweet after putting on the make up I got her. Aww.. just love lala's! Anyway, here goes day 3 agenda!

Heading out of the dorm and day 3 was a good start with some of the best weather as yet. Not too cold or too warm. So yea, HAPPY Day it was! It was really great as we also started off with marking our day with memories!

Here we were waiting for the T at Fenway and of course, what better way could there be then to take pictures of whatever we do! OMG. It's taxing, but girls... CANNOT LU GI!

Going to Life Is Good Festival

Went to take a look at this LIG festival which kinda seemed like a day for children and families to spend together. What I found was great was that the people seemed to really love family time and laos spend to help children with special needs. We bought a tee to donate to the children and yes, all for charity. But it could not be said that we didn't have fun cause after all, we got freebies like mini books, balmers and Ben & Jerry's ice cream for free! AUNTIE CHIONG!

Life Is Good Festival

After the life if good festival, we headed over pass the Boston Public Park to have a look at a Bostonian park, and it was really beautiful with the willows, ducks, squirrels all around, godola's and us! It was nice to enjoy a Saturday afternoon just enjoying such nice scenery.

Boston Public Park

To Quincy

Passed by the park near the freedom trail on our way back to the T and yea, girls and flowers are the bomb. Pretty colours made this the best first day of summer. We then headed over to Quincy for some shopping and knacked these pictures along with our crazy purchases from Victoria's Secret and the other outlets and foods there. Lovin' it.

Was really exhausted and plopped on the bed after we returned to the dorm. Oh man.. That probably explains this crammed up entry with both days in a roll. But well. Heh. MOVE ON! Ended the day by visiting Bath and Beyond and really found many many many things there that I could get, like socks, scrubs, frames, furry's! oh man.. wondering if I could buy em back to Singapore.. Furry's are huge.. Aww man... Arhg.. Worry tml... LOL.

Day 4

We are setting off today to a few destinations and here is the gang of leggings queens! hahahha. Nice posing before going off and starting our day on COLD 14 degrees today. Rarrrrr..

Anyway, it was time to head off the our first destination which was the John F Kennedy Museum and Library. Boarded the T and headed out to the station which was really looking kinda suburb.


At JFK Museum

Inside of the musuem, we were enjoying both the scenery as well as the museum stuff. Of course there was lot's of cam whoring as that place was really beautiful, situated just by the sea. The weather was kinda bad, but never the less we got to entertain ourselves in and out doors.

End of The Trail

We sort of had fun at the end of the museum posing and loving the place! Hence, there was L.O.V.E and Jump shots done. Heh.. love em. plus the surroundings was really nice with the beautiful architecture as well as the sea view with the dainty rain droplets falling outside.

Then there was my favourite and the most cooling or.. COLD thing that we did. As you can see, the cam was drenched with rain, HAHA. This was taken atthe habour out of JFK and woots, we girls are crazy. Hope I won't catch a cold from the mad rain and wind that made us all literally chatter our teeth and shiver to the bones even with 2 jackets, shawls and beanies on.

Next we decided to head off the the aquarium down at the green line and on the way, there was something I saw that I really loved.. A carousel. And i'm really happy that there are really lot's of carousels around the towns here in Boston. Lovely..

To Aquarium

Finally touching down at our stop, here we were at the wrath just out of the aquarium and it was chilly as usual today but well... Great weather! Just hoped that the rain was gone so that we could actually get around with less layers of clothings.



Went inside the aquarium and it was alright with some cool attractions like the giant 75 year old sea turtles, and the electric eels which made an impact on me. They had this very nice meter to measure currents and this meter would measure the currents that the eel in the tank was giving off.

The meter was labelled from locating prey and then killing prey with green and red tones respectively. And what happened was that we could witness the power of an electric eel as it really killed a fish and gave a shocking charge to the max of the meter while doing so. Oh man. Loved it. I guess you may not be able to figure what i'm trying to say, but yea.. hahahah...

Anyway, after we left the aquarium, we split up with the girls to go over to Lala's dad's friends home for dinner. I was kinda shocked when I first met uncle Ole as he just walked over and shaked my hands. Arhh.. embarassing cause i was caught off guard and though he was some strange old guy trying to be funny! lol...

But after the introduction, everything was much better and I was glad he didn't take it personally. But I totally enjoyed the dinner that his wife, Auntie Grace had prepared for us, from lobster appitizers, chowder, steak, potatoes, salad and even dessert! So nice of them to prepare so much just for us. It was wonderful to experience a US styled dinner. Had great entertainment learning to whip cream and see the cool gadgets in the kitchen such as the microwave, auto soup dispenser and dish washers. HAHAHAH... Thanks for everything, and today, was great.

School begins tml and I'm Missing my baby loads.. counting down~

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