Friday, December 12, 2008

Well, this would be a really ridiculous story, but yea, made some funny acquittance yesterday. We were shopping around for last minute stuffs when we entered this cosplay shop - C A T S. Stayed there and played around cos we were choosing some nice tops and props. We were lucky the sales assistant was really friendly.

(Don't Know if it's ethical putting pictures up, but well, They look hot.)

It was just weird as we started to just chat around with strangers in the shop and stayed there for almost an hour? Hm. Yea.. So, there was the friendly sales assistant, even more friendly sales assistant from the opp shop, cute hairstylist and the both of us. RARRR.. funny.

Anyway, got good info on where to get nice clothes for VK.. KL we are coming! =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Anime Festival Asia 2008

AFA 08

Had loads of fun but it was really tiring. Here are some snapshots taken by professionals and yours truly and some of the best photographers at the fair. On the Overall, Great event.

Enjoy Pictures of Cos-players







 My Turn At Zest

It was a fun filled and large scale event and I would be looking forward to making new friends and meeting great costume makers and displays in following events in the coming years. Good luck to all competitors and make it known that Cosplay if not only about living a characters role and looking good, but displaying the skill of creating and delivering costumes and things made with effort, for satisfaction in the fashion industry! 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Travel Thailand: Bangkok

Trip to Thailand 08 to 12 Oct 08

The hammy family took a trip to bangkok for 5 days. We went there to look for my bro who is there on NS currently. But well, that was secondary. The shopping came in first! LOL... We bashed throught the pratunam wholesale areas for the days and gosh.. how packed were our bags. But of course, we also stashed our tummys with lots of great food.. OMG...

One of the reccomended places by my bro was this vintage cafe called the 'Garage'. (Central Shopping Mall). As the name suggests, the setting of this American cafe was somewhat like a garage, using car seats as the coaches and had walls of vintage Cd's, tee's, furniture and design. Not a bad place and yes, the burgers were huge! Portion fit for 2...

After that, we passed by this cool showcase in the Mall and realised that it was the Balloon Fest there. The whole setting was stuffed with designs of ballons from trees to animals and even grass. Here are a few of the snaps that we caught while walking around the area.

After the walk there, we made our way to Siam Paragon which is PACKED WITH GREAT FOOD.... OMG.... the cakes and the pies, the rolls and the fried stuff... EVERYTHING THERE IS GREAT... I nv fail to eat there at least once every trip that I make to Bangkok!

However, the main attraction there is the famous 'Under Water World', which is currently the largest in the whole world. And I must admit that the variety of exhibits there are really out of the ordinary. Take for example, the 'mermaids purse' which is actually shark eggs. I have only read about it.. BUT, this time, I got to see real preserved purses on display. What an insight.

There were also many other new species that I managed to catch a glimpse of, such as live natalius's, sea angels baby sea turtles and more... There were spectacular and could only be seen in this aquarium. You could see the efforst put into the setting as well as the crew made exhibits interactive, interesting and were well maintained. There were enclosures that had to be kept in ice storages and deep sea fishes that lived in extreme conditions and pressure. ahhh.. I love it.

See what I mean by interesting enclosures? All these had fishes in them be it dead or alive. The fridge was revamped into a fish tank and there were many other household itmes that were converted such as a television, microwave, and even a washing machine. Besides this, there were also displays of prehistoric fishes that were preserved in ice blocks that were found in the artic. There was this giant Tuna and a huge sailfish all in iceblocks. This is what you call nature preserved in time.

After all the walking, It was then time for another sumptous meal. We went to an authentic Japanese restraunt in MBK to savor the essence of Japan. The bento was exceptional. I forgot what was the title of the restruant, but it was great.

The night life was also extravagant as we tried out 2 clubbing places in the heart of Bangkok. One was Santika and the other Hollywood. I would reccomend the first place more though cos the music there is more to RnB plus they have a life band and a much classier outlook. As for Hollywood, it is a large scale club and OMG is the music deafening...

Of course, in bangkok, you would also experience the life style by taking public transport like the tuk tuk's there. Here we are zooming through the crowded streets in bangkok rain or shine. There was even a day when all the roads were flooded and we had to take the trasport back. Gosh.. HOW FUN!

One last place that I would reccomend was the Bayoke Sky Towers which is the tallest building and a landmark of Bangkok. The view was great and so were all the international buffets and grill restraunts they have in the hotel itself. Please try the veal steak in cream sauce when you visit the sky coffee shop. It's spectacular...

All in all, we visited many other places during the trip and shopping was really mad. I totally enjoyed it although it was kinda like a mad hell camp. We would wake up at 8am and chiong till 12am the next day. Wow, we are true blue singaporeans. And even now, i can remember all the prices. 1 for 250baht, 3 for 200 baht, 6 for 180baht, wholesale ah!!!!
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