Friday, December 12, 2008

Well, this would be a really ridiculous story, but yea, made some funny acquittance yesterday. We were shopping around for last minute stuffs when we entered this cosplay shop - C A T S. Stayed there and played around cos we were choosing some nice tops and props. We were lucky the sales assistant was really friendly.

(Don't Know if it's ethical putting pictures up, but well, They look hot.)

It was just weird as we started to just chat around with strangers in the shop and stayed there for almost an hour? Hm. Yea.. So, there was the friendly sales assistant, even more friendly sales assistant from the opp shop, cute hairstylist and the both of us. RARRR.. funny.

Anyway, got good info on where to get nice clothes for VK.. KL we are coming! =)

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