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Skin Care - Skin Food Black Raspberry Set


Today I would be sharing with you all the skin care products that I have been using from skin food and would be introducing today would be the BLACK RASPBERRY SET which actually concentrates on moisturizing, revitalizing and tightening for a silkier faced you. This set consists of a basic five step care regime and I would go through what each product does for your skin. Here goes!

Black Raspberry Toner

Description: Comes in 135g and contains ingredients such as jayangboeumdan and cheongyeodan extracts from 12 medical herbs. It moisturizes the skin and acts as an anti-aging agent to help retain succulent skin which is firm and wrinkle free. I found this very effective the the skin absorbs the toner almost instantly, leaving a fresh feel with no stickiness or residue.

Usage: After cleansing, apply on to face gently by patting it onto face till fully absorbed.

Price: $41.90

Black Raspberry Emulsion

Description: This product just entered Singapore stores in November 09 and comes in a bottle of 135g as well. It is a hydrating fluid which is high in antioxidants and penetrates deep into the skin with anti-aging peptides. It is also a moisturizer and gives you a refreshed feeling after use. This emulsion smoothens out your skin and makes it feel 'Q' in a way that it would have an extra tinge of bounciness after using.

Usage: Use a pea size to dabble on face and pad it out evenly onto the skin till absorbed.

Price: $41.90

Black Raspberry Su Serum

Description: Comes in a 45g bottle pact and helps to moisturize the skin with fresh nutritious serum which helps to maintain healthy and silky skin. This is a great skin care companion as the nutrients get locked into the skin and you can feel it for yourself the silky effect and lightness of skin after use.

Usage: After toner, apply to face gently until fully absorbed.

Price: $44.90

Black Raspberry Su Cream

Description: This comes in a 50g jar and is one of the best since it facilitates generation of collagen in the skin. Works deep into the skin and hydrates as well as gives you a fresh feeling. A great wonder for revitalizing skin.

Usage: After serum apply pea size on face and dab until absorbed.

Price: $44.90

Black Raspberry Youngyang Serum

Description: Comes in a 45g bottle and works to facilitate balance in your skin between the elements of Yin and Yang for a younger face. It hydrates and works to keep your face moisturized for a longer period of time.

Usage: After toner, dab till absorbed.

Price: $44.90

These products are really light on the skin and helps to maintain youth while giving you an extra glow and does not over moisture the skin as well. I enjoy using them as the products are absorbed into your skin almost instantly and the best part is that no residue or stickness will be felt if applied correctly. It will only leave you feeling hydrated and with silky skin. Sebum is controlled and this care system before you put on make up or for before you go to sleep, can be arranged and used to your own needs.

Not every bottle has to be used after every time you tone your face. For example, It could be alternating between Su set and Youngyang depending on yourself, which I do. As it is, the prices are not exactly very inexpensive for the size of the products. But skin care starts young and I do feel that these organic products are really worth the price.

These are basically the five products that are the main pieces in the Black Raspberry Series.

Start feeling beautiful inside out =)

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