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Make Up - Candy Doll Blusher Review

Candy Doll Blusher Review

So before I begin with the review. Perhaps It would be better to give a brief introduction about what Candy Doll is and What it has to offer to us. I had previously introduced Dolly Wink which does lashes for ladies to achieve the dolly look and Candy Doll on the other hand offers cosmetics and is part of Dolly Wink merchandise which is very popular in Japan in the current moment. However, athough Wink lashes are already in town, the make up products have yet to hit the market.

Summary About Candy Doll
  • Cosmetic Brand By Candy Doll
  • Available Only In Japan and China
  • Offers Different Types of Cosmetics such as Lip Gloss, Primers, Highlights, Blush..etc.
  • Model: Tsubasa (Pop Sister)
So, they offer an array of products which are very well brought out by Pop Sister's Tsubasa and is a dynamite for bring out the dolly style in you. Here are some example of wonderful looks which could be achieved with the products from Candy Doll.




Looking at how great the effects of the make up could be, I of course could not resist the Pop Sister's Princess endorsement line,
and got one for myself when I was in Japan. Now back to the review!

So this is how the container looks like after being removed from the packaging. I found it a little too simple, with a transparent lid cover and just the Candy Doll words and logo printed on. But perhaps, simplicity isn't that bad after all. It is not your very fancy packed products like those from MAC, Bobbi Brown and so on, but well, the tone and quality of the product is what counts best!

This time, I picked the 'Peach Pink' tone to bring out the fresh look for summer and the picture is really quite true to the real tone that the blusher is. There are also other blush and highlights available such as Pink Strawberry, Kyarotto orenji (Orange), Violet and Beige cream.

Why choose Candy Doll? Well, First thing is that the blusher is really easy to apply with a simple dash with your kabuki brushes or cheek brushes. It is light on the skin and helps to give off a healthy and natural glow on your face.

Even if you are naturally fair like me, you will see a slight tinge of the blusher on your cheek bones. I only apply a little of the blusher on my cheeks and still it helps me give off a radiance and yet, not making me look over-done. With the easy usage and the right tone for my skin, I really enjoy using this product and regret not getting more! But perhaps I could get some if it comes to Singapore, or on my next trip to Japan. I'm not sure about you guys, but this has been quite a good product to use so far for myself and I like it, thus I would recommend it to you all!

If you all are really interested, you could also get them online or on sprees and this blusher costs approximately SGD$30. So look out for them! Candy Doll offers a great mixture of products for cosmetics and applied correctly, they could give off your most desired look - Dolly. As for now, I would also suggest to take a look at their latest face glitter series. Look awesomely glamourous!

Have fun exploring what they offer and I'm sure that you would be enjoying the products that are affordable and easily applied on the face, as I am. =)

Worth Your Smile: ♥ Candy Doll


  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Where can I get this?

  2. I got mine from Japan, but the local Watson's stores are carrying a simple array of their products. Happy shopping!


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