Sunday, December 06, 2009

Filming Project B

Filming Session

Helped out with B's film project this week and it was a brand new experience for me. It was kind of a last minute thing for me to agree to play his female lead, but I guess I should extend help to friends in need. So, this film featured 2 characters which was mainly my screen 'boyfriend' and I. B did up this photo editted picture and I got to say that the picture really... REALLY had bad picture choices, but it was a job well done. I mean, he managed to get two wasted faces merged?!

Anyway, after experiencing this film experience, I now understand that acting really needs some patience and also lot's of skill to just start going on with emotions on your face in just the click or the directors fingers. That was really a hard part when things were all just whirling around you the whole time while you were waiting for your scene or even when you were standing IN the scene. Talking about scenes, there were a few changes in the locations and I found that their filming method was really interesting as they considered alot in the lightings, angles, reflections and all.

During the filming process, there were lot's of waiting and It really got me bored, so I was there snapping pictures of them at work and of the set! We used this set of flowers for the so-called 'Make-up' scene and it really all got us twitching as this bouquet cost $13.90!? For a tiny green bear and 3 fake flower stalks.. Omg.. a rip off. But it was all thanks to our camera lady who got the flowers.. LOL.. she did get lot's of complains for it. Poor girl.

But besides that, it was really tiring. B told me that he would take up the most 2 -3 hours but it started from like 12.30pm all the way till 10.30pm at night. Call that freak working hours. But during all that waiting time, omake was in the way!

Featuring Director & Crew:

Featuring Me

Well, the video is still in the making and I guess it would be ok although my acting skills were really the crap. I didn't even change into my scene clothes to film the most crucial part of the show. But well, I tried my best not to be stoic. I would be posting up the video when it's done! =) Stay tuned till then.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Photoshoot - Himegyaru 2009

Himegyaru Teaparty 2009

This is a little background on what we had together before the beginning of 2010 and it was just a mini tea party with the three of us in the romantic style of Himegyaru. Here are the girls and we just wanted to share what a wonderful time we had together that day from out tea party to the outdoor shoot.



So, we had lunch together at a posh hotel restaurant where we really enjoyed the fine dining experience in the Victorian themed hotel. Took a few pictures to document our memories. This was during the tea party section of our outing.

After which, we traveled to the outdoor terrain, princesses outside! We took a few pictures to honour the tradition of Japanese, our Puri Kura!~

It was a really refreshing experience as the outdoors was just giving us a great glow. It was of course weird to walk about in public dressed like that, but the whole idea was really enjoyable as the three us could stride through town feeling so confident and beautiful.

The outing was something that we had never attempted before and hence, It spurred to idea of having more of such events in the future. Ilse Adel would be featuring all our adventures and we hope that you all would be able to share our experiences with us!

Credits: Amelia & Chris (Photography Team)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Travel Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

KL Trip 2009

Went to KL for a short 2 day trip with my mum and some of her friends and was really bumped up on shipping and stuff. Hm, but as usual, when the day arrived, I was torn apart from my love and that, ALWAYS didn't feel good. But well, just 2 days I guess. Here was the plane that we took over to the KL international Airport.

We all hopped off it at about 9am in the morning and rushed over to Old Town coffee house for curry mee and other breakfast stuffs. We got really pumped up and rushed to take the 45 minute bus ride to town!

And so, after checking into our hotel, which was the Impiana, we started off on our shopping. Went to visit quite some places, but it wasn't as cheap as I expected. I managed to snag some nice things, but well, some stuffs in Singapore are better.

After shopping and all, it was dinner at a Hakka restaurant where we gobbled down 4kg of crabs, pork knuckles that were superb, veggies and other dishes. I was really stuffed up and gosh.. I am GAINING WEIGHT. But whenever I think about this, I would think about love telling me about how to not restrict myself and eat what I like.. Hm, so, yea, I enjoyed food.

The night scene was also nice and there we captured KLCC in the background on our way back! Btw, KLCC is now one of new wonders of the world with its mega infrastructure. =) We could not get enough of it and caught a few more of it over the trip!

Day 2 was a little more rushed as we ate again then started shopping. However the highlight today was meeting up with Jared and Constance. I was quite excited to meet them and it was really nice of them to bring me around Pavillion and of course have a nice chat.

But soon after, we had dinner and it was time to part as I had a plane to catch.. Had dinner at Pavillion and then had a mad rush to the airport.

We were literally rushing up the buses and trains with our bags. Well got back on the plane and it was back in Singapore. Missed home and love all the way although the trip was fun. I must say, that whatever it is, HOME is the BEST.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion - Magnet Cosplay

Magnet Cosplay

Love the costumes, the photo shoot location and the feel to everything. How I wish my Himegyaru event would be as successful. Will be waiting for just a week or two till I can fully go get ready the costume and props. These are great references though.. Lovely!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hime Meeting

Met the girls (Seri, Suki and Nina) and we went on our adventure to go search out for the best few spots for the photography session. We went into a few beautiful places and here I am to share it.

Cookie Musuem

Serves awesome cookies in tins that are quite costly, mainly 30 to 40 plus for a single tin. However, the flavours are exotic ranging from mild berry flavours to local delights such as laksa. Tea is serves in beautiful rose cups and pots with an ambience to die for. Wonderful place to chill, however if you really have the capacity for high life.

But it was a nice place, gret setting for our group with the victorian setting. The only set back was the small space that the cafe was held in. However.. It would definitely be one of the choices in mind. Service was excellent at that. A plus point. =)


Raffles Hotel

Another brilliant site for the photography session however, a little scary to think about the cost of dining there. The look, feel and everything is also just right there. Wonder if we would beable to talk up a deal with the PR people in Raffles. Well, see how it goes!

We then went over to Art Friends for the girls to get some materials and it was time to head back. I guess it was a fruitful day as there were much explored.

Those girls are the bomb and I can't wait for the event to come ASAP! =)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Travel USA: Wheelock Family Theatre (Boston)

Drama Training Sessions

The best would be the days spent training with the Wheelock Family Theatre. Although it was approaching the end of the sessions, I would always remember the wonderful lessons and would really recommend this as a place to visit when you go over to Boston. Please, watch a play at least!

Drama Class

We did group drama performances and then got our brown bag lunches for the day after. It was our last day with John, our instructor, and it was really sad that we would be parting with them after today. But I would definitely be back for a play in the near future.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Travel USA: Prudential & Copely (Boston)

Cheesecake Factory

Was a slack day today as I skipped class which was non-compulsory. Was just feeling so exhausted with trying to juggle work and play. Anyway, it was a simple day as I headed out to the Prudential to meet up with Lala and Usa to walk around and then catch dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Didn't really feel like eating a solid meal, so I ended up sharing cakes with the girls. Fabulous delicious as we had their '30th Anniversary Cake' and 'Chocolate Tuxedo', which were awesome though i don't realli fancy chocolate. Wanted to try White Chocolate Macadamia & Peacan but well, couldn't really mouth it down with those filling cakes of huge portions. (Well, what can you expect of a cake which costs 10usd=15Sgd a slice).

It was then time to get over to Copely where they have branded stuffs lined up and it was a good place if you needed gifts, which in this case, we needed to get, for the people back home. You would see good restaurants and shops like Shaws, GAP, etc all over the place.

Shopping and eating is really the life.
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