Sunday, November 01, 2009

Photoshoot - Himegyaru 2009

Himegyaru Teaparty 2009

This is a little background on what we had together before the beginning of 2010 and it was just a mini tea party with the three of us in the romantic style of Himegyaru. Here are the girls and we just wanted to share what a wonderful time we had together that day from out tea party to the outdoor shoot.



So, we had lunch together at a posh hotel restaurant where we really enjoyed the fine dining experience in the Victorian themed hotel. Took a few pictures to document our memories. This was during the tea party section of our outing.

After which, we traveled to the outdoor terrain, princesses outside! We took a few pictures to honour the tradition of Japanese, our Puri Kura!~

It was a really refreshing experience as the outdoors was just giving us a great glow. It was of course weird to walk about in public dressed like that, but the whole idea was really enjoyable as the three us could stride through town feeling so confident and beautiful.

The outing was something that we had never attempted before and hence, It spurred to idea of having more of such events in the future. Ilse Adel would be featuring all our adventures and we hope that you all would be able to share our experiences with us!

Credits: Amelia & Chris (Photography Team)

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