Friday, April 30, 2010

Travel Japan: Tsukiji Fish Market

Tokyo (Tsukuji Fish Market)


Besides the hustle and bustle of the town from early morning due to the fish auctioning and all, there is good fish and GREAT food! I really enjoyed eating here and thus the urge to go over there every morning to get the best and the freshest off food at the market!

My main purpose for travelling all the way from Ikebukuro to Tsukuji would be a simple reason which is, I go where the good food is! These are some stuffs that I tried during my morning outings to the town.

Famous RAMEN (4/5)


You must be thinking, why is she so generous for the first time, giving a full mark rating to something. All I can say is, TRY IT YOURSELF AND YOU WILL KNOW! Anyway, the restaurant is called Sushizanmai and I really recommend this to everyone who goes to the fish market. The food is awesome and the sushi masters are super friendly. I MISS IT ALREADY!!!

Here I introduce my friendly chef's, Brad Pitt and Jackie Chan. It was all thanks to them that we got to try so many dishes like fresh roe, abalone, scallops, Otoro's, grills, donburi's, the best miso and more!

Salmon Sashimi

Melt In Your Mouth Pudding

Fav. Grilled Mayo Ebi


Sashimi Donburi (Hot!)

Mom Enjoying



Me Monkey'ing As Mom Eats Hotate



My trip to Japan would have never been complete without my visits to Sushizanmai. I really miss those days now... My pudding.. Otoro.. Ebi.. OMG... I can't stop thinking about them.. Especially the salmon roe which just explodes in your mouth and is not overly salty, but just right to make you want to clench your fists and jump, "YES"!!!! Arh.. one of my most fulfilling things and memories from Japan!

Travel Japan: Shibuya & Harajuku

Tokyo (Shibuya & Harajuku)

The day started off with a visit to Shibuya, the fashion hub of Tokyo! I was really excited to go there and see the famous crossroads where thousands of people could just cross at one go. Of course, it was really as crowded as it seemed on TV. Super loads of people streamed out from the subs and were making their way across the many streets that all went pedestrian friendly at the same time. While I was making my way across, Of course, I could not help but notice our dear Popteen princess' way up on the billboards with Ayumi and other mega stars.

They are really so 'big' in Japan. But anyway, we picked to go to Shibuya 109 which was the mega shopping hub. I initially wanted to just go in to take a look since I thought that things there were 'unbuyable' but well, I think we ended up spending some time in the building looking at all the shops and the beautifully dressed up girls. Couldn't really take much pictures of them cause it wasn't very polite, but I could just describe that the girls were all in the latest fashion and there were Kogals, Gyarus, etc all packed in the different goods that their store sold. SUPER PRETTY. Singaporean's can be 'PUI' compared to them and their sense of style and make up skills. Inside Shibuya 109:

My Favourite That Day, MA*RS

Ever So Famous Liz Lisa

After looking at them, I suddenly thought, HOW BACKDATED are we in the world of fashion. The girls may not be that pretty, but after all the dressing up, they are DOLLS alright. Now I really believe that there is no ugly girl, but LAZY one's.

Moving on, we made our way out of the building since my bro was getting a bit edgy due to the fact that there were girls stuff and he had to carry all the bags. So sadly, we had to leave. But if I had a choice, I would gladly go back there to shop.. I didn't even get the chance to go to building 2!

So on the way out, we saw deary Hachiko! They had a little train cabin and the dog statue right outside the station. There was even a colourful wall done up in memory of the dog. How nice a story!

We then headed over to Harajuku! It was quite a shocker when we reached the area as there were like so many people squeezed in that small street?

Harajuku is well known as the place where the younger generation can do their shopping as things are slightly cheaper. It is somehow like the Bugis street that we have back home, but still things are not that cheap anyways. Still, you could get your favourite stores like Liz Lisa, Daiso, Paris Kidz, and many more crazy cute little stores selling all sorts of clothes from Lolita, Cosplay, Jrock, and more kinds of fashion. NICE and recommended shopping spot!

Managed to get a few small things here, but i think that there was more things to just digest rather then buy! Well, I would come back another day too though because there are just too many shops and things to look at and a few hours if not enough to cover anything!


Rocker Interview

But after checking out all the weird stuff, we got hungry and decided to head over to Yoyogi for dinner and to catch the cosplay. However, when we got there, it was a little too late to catch the cosplayers in action. A real sad sad thing.. =( Forgetting about that, we headed to have dinner at a local home restaurant where we used the vending machine for the first time! COOL!

Many shops use this machines for people to order their food so as to make systems efficient and so that people would not get the wrong orders. During the trip, I often saw people using these machines and today was my chance to use it for the first time. However, as I stood in front of the machine, I realised, It was all in Japanese... =.= Great Job done... Well, lucky for us, Jer figured out some stuff and the chef at the place helped us a little. So, we were able to end up with a very unexpectedly enjoyable dinner!


Katsu Don & Warm Soba

Flavoured Rice & Cold Soba

After eating this Soba, I never would want to try having any in Singapore anymore. This soba.. was really the BEST I had ever had. Don't know if it was the flour used to make it.. but the taste and the smoothness.. YOU CAN NEVER FIND in Singapore. Gosh, I would so want to have more... Even now, my mouth is watering as I look at the picture..

But well, this would be about it for today. My adventures are coming close to an end, but everyday, was just an exciting day. I could not even figure why I could jump out of bed at 7am everyday and play till the lights go out at night! The next issues... MORE FOOD!

Travel Japan: Akihabara

Tokyo (Akihabara)

Today is an OTAKU day as we headed down to the place where all anime and electronics are happening - AKIHABARA. I was very excited to come here as there were a few things I had in mind to buy from this place and I was really hoping to be able to get them since I was able to come all the way here.

So first up, we headed to the streets of Akiba and we entered the very first big stop which was Yodobashio departmental store. This place is full of electronics and the best part is that they even have a level for anime, CD's, posters, books, manga, figurines and hobbies right up to 8 stories if i'm not wrong?

Cool Stuffs

But one of the most fun things were to get a chance to watch the latest 3D TV that they were promoting. So I got into line and tried out the effects of the technology. By the way, the ambassador is Mr handsome from "Zettai Kareshi"!

Back to the TV, I found it to something really new and interesting, but the bad point of it would be that you would have to wear those 3D glasses to enjoy the effect. For one, I already am a person who dislikes to put things on my face, especially glasses as it always hurts my nose, so.. well, I guess I am not determined enough, or persuaded enough to want to put on those glasses and watch that TV in my home. However, the effects are great, do not think otherwise. I'm just a lazy person. =X.

So next, we moved on to the streets where shopping is the best! On our way, we passed by so many delightful places which were so colourful and filled with game stuff and the funniest electronics! Here were some of them we passed by... There are just so many things in the small stops all cluttered around.

However, while exploring the area, I saw something familiar to Singaporeans, and that would be Mr Gorilla from GO GO Curry! I don't know if you guys remember that issue I wrote about this restaurant we tried in Ion. But HOHO, there rally was GO GO Curry there, and people were really lining up to try it. I didn't go in cause I was super full from breakfast, but well, I should be of standard or better!

There was also Club Sega which had loads of arcade games and stuffs like that. People were also lining up to have a go at the game which starred the Vocaliod, Miku.

After walking for such a long time in the cold weather, we then decided to try another craze in town, which were the maid cafes! Seriously, there were alot to choose from and we decided to go and try this cafe which was previously visited by the Backstreet Boys for their Promo Video. =)

The whole experience was relatively new, but I felt that the inability to really converse smoothly in Japanese kind of hindered the whole experience. But nevertheless, maid magic was MOE MOE KYUN~! This cafe was special and they also allowed guests to make their own recordings for anime covers. Quite cool! The Victorian setup was also sweet and simple. Couldn't take photo's in there (common knowledge), but if I had the opportunity, I would gladly go try more cafe's the next time! There are tons!

Other Cafes & Moe Stuffs

But if you are into more manly setups, you guys could also go try out the Gundam Cafe! Didn't have the time to visit, but it was awesome with zen settings and a zillion figurines to look at! Besides that, it was in good time that we were able to go check out a Gundam event that was being held in Akiba.

Today, was quite a fulfilling day and I got a few things that I needed to get! Even my bro got so happy with his Vocaloid loots and Neko MiMi Headphones (On Miku)! I'm sure that since even I can get stuff in Akiba, every guy would be able to find something there too.. Go Akiba!~

Look forward to the next post on Shibuya and Harajuku.. Here comes the girls!
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