Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ginvera Skin Whitening Workshop

Ginvera Skin Whitening Workshop

Thanks to E2i, I had the opportunity to attend the Ginvera Skin Care Workshop held at Republic Polytechnic Cultural Centre. This aim of the workshop was probably to teach ladies how to carry out skin care with their products and yes, there was a vast lot.

The Presentation

Covered most of the points on how blackheads form and the reasons and preventions for acne and other skin problems.

The Ambassador

Michelle Chia, their long-time ambassador was mentioned in almost everything during the talk. But I must say, that she really has almost perfect complexion, from a personal encounter with her.

The Products

A variety of skin care from their latest series (Green Tea Whitening Set). There was a whole range from cleansers, toners and creams. I felt that the marvel gel had the greatest effect and hence let me show you guys what I mean.

Testing Ginvera Marvel Gel (Green Tea)

Well, they claim that with use of the marvel gel, you can say 'bye' to your blackheads in a wash. I tried it first on my hand then on the face, and this is what it would look like during use.


Apply an adequate amount (20 cent coin) on your dry hand and rub in a circular motion. Always use marvel gel on dry skin.


Beads would appear on your hand after a while of rubbing and those would be your dead skill cells. Do not think that this is just the effect of the gel. In fact, we tried it on the table as well, and there were no such beads formed. Impressed?

Wipe off the gel with a tissue or cotton wool and feel the difference. There was a cooling and smooth feel to my skin and there was obvious difference to the texture on my hands. It wasn't bad at all!

Of course there were also other cool products which I enjoyed.

Ginvera Green Tea Toner

Refreshing and gets easily absorbed into your skin without leaving a layer of sticky residue. Thumbs up!

Ginvera Jade Dark Eye Circle Roll Away

Probably one of my favourite as well, since I have always had problems with those dark eye circles!

Enjoyed myself during the workshop as we learnt about the way to use each product and care for our skins. Of course, we also did not leave empty handed! Loads of freebies were given out by the friendly staff and trainers. Wonderful!

Free Take Homes

I enjoyed the session with my babes and it was really fun to attend such workshops as we get to learn from the professionals, and thus make us more proficient in handling our own skin. Thanks again, to the Ginvera staff for their earnest teaching attitudes.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Drama - Dream High

The Romantics Of Time

2AM - Can't Let You Go Even If I Die

Really nice song that E introduced to me. It is just awesome and totally fits Korea's current running drama, Dream High.


Expect the biggest idol stars to spice up the whole mood in the show and star in awe at their talent!

Kim Hyung Joong

Kim Soo-Hyun

Bae Yoong Jun/ JYP

Eun Jung




Do watch it! The show has been really great so far and it'll prob be also because I especially love to watch singing and dancing drama's. Enjoy K Wave every Monday and Tuesday on KBS!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Evon's Union Part 2

Evon's Union Part 2: Dinner At Grand Copthrone

Finally the day for the dinner and what more to expect then a beautiful wedding hall with the most glamourous pictures of beautiful Evon and Melvin.

Reception Filled With Lovely Pictures

On entering the ball room, the whole place was nicely decorated with lights, candles and roses. A wonderful venue. What's more, we got cute door gifts with the little couple on it. In case you want know, the gift was teabags. Cutely done in the shape of a passport.

The Cute Door Gifts

Since Melvin popped the question to Evon on a plane, I guess it was that that spurred the idea of creating a wedding with planes, passports and have brides maids in SIA uniforms. Sweet!

Beautiful Couple & Their Looks For The Evening

The Best Men & Brides Maids in Steward Uniform

Dinner really crazy with the 5 of us at one table, hence we all ate like 2 shares. But on the overall, we did quite well. Enjoyed the full course dinner while we had a live band, wine and food to go along with the programme. Here are the Munchies!

Crystal & Pam






Michelle & Evie

The Margies

Besides wine and dine, it was fun that Melvin's company LOUD provided great music, pictures and videos. it was especially touching when the couple gave their speech and showed us how they got together in a re-enactment. It was really enjoyable.


Wishing the couple all the best and that they may be blessed in all they do. Will be looking forward to their promise of having a chubby bubbly baby soon!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Evon's Union Part 1

Evon's Union Part 1: Solemnization At Hort Park

Witnessed a very sweet marriage between two people who are very much in love. It was just so beautiful with all the pictures and happy moments they had captured in photographs.

With their wedding theme donned as "Button Wedding", there was very much a lot of buttons laying around.

Table Decorations

Brides Bouquet

The nails and flowers are really exquisite! It was something really special and I loved the fact that they really kept to the theme in every single process.

Enjoyed the whole ceremony and this couple really touched my heart. Of course the fact that I got to meet the fellow wheelockies, was great as well!

Gladys, Pam & I

Vic & Mic

Well, dinner was served in a quirky way as well with cotton candy, macaroons, freshly grilled kebabs and everything sweet. A great way to handle this event after all. A union to be really supportive about.

After all the hustle, I would now be looking forward to the wedding dinner night where we can celebrate more for this dear couple.
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