Sunday, March 28, 2010

Travel Korea: Seoul & Jeju

Beautiful Sights In Korea

My Mum and Brother just got back from Korea last week and their hull of pictures were just too gorgeous NOT to share. I was like starring at all of them imagining HOW NICE IF I WAS THE ONE IN THE PICTURES! But well, let's not be envious anymore and SHARE the love!~ So, I would be showing you guys some of the places I thought were just so lovely!


Shrines & Palace

Mount Sorak

Amusement Park


City At Night

One Thing I Want In Singapore!

I so want to get wedding photo's or proposed to in front of a carousel all lit up.. But that is like kind of a fantasy cause I doubt that Singapore would EVER have something like this.

Anyway enought of my dreamy thoughts. They really had a good time as they came back with loads of stuff and pictures from all the hot spots such as the Bear Museum, Famous Filming Spots, Kimchi School, Hanbok Shots and all! For now, let me drool over these but, I would be looking forward to our family trip in April!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Make Up - Popteen Spring 2010

Spring Make Up Essentials

Spring is a season where every girl deserves to look refreshed and sweet so this was featured in POPTEEN March issue. The style featured here is known as Raku Mori, which emphasizes on creating a fresh look and looking light with minimum make up.

Key Points To Succeed:
  1. Eyeliner ONLY at top eye lid waterline
  2. NO eyeliner on bottom waterline
  3. RIMMED lens to enlarge eye.
  4. Fake Lashes especially BOTTOM lashes to substitute bottom eyeliner.
  5. Colours revolve about ORANGE, BROWNS, PINKS.

Depending on the style you guys want to achieve, a different combination of the colours mentioned above should be used to get the look you are going for. Here are some examples:

Doll Look
Blusher: Deep Pink
Lip Gloss: Pink (Nude & Light)

Healthy Glow Look

Blusher: Orange
Lip Gloss: Orange (Nude)

Baby Kawaii Look
Blusher: Pinkish White On Apple Of Cheek
Lip Gloss: Pink (Light or Sweet)

Sexy Look
Blusher: Pink (Shimmer)
Lip Gloss: Beige (Cream)

*Remember These Tips!!*

Shade blusher in and blend bronzer in until the jawline.

Highlight T Zone and under eye area in a 'cresent moon' shape.

Always condition lips with lip cream before applying gloss.

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