Thursday, July 09, 2009

Boston Day 20

Checked out the resource centre today which was just opposite our school dorm, but it was really a place where there was lot's of toys, information and things that teacher's could use to plan for children's lessons and to play with children. I enjoyed this trip as it was really something different from what we have in Singapore since you don't have this kind of resources at home.

Resource Centre

We had lot's of fun explring the games there and the people in there were really nice in volunteering their help. They were alright with lending their resources to us and even shared with us lot's of things that we did not have in Singapore.

After school, we were due for a movie at Regal Cinema's and hence, we caught dinner at Long Horn Steakhouse. It was reasonable and the food was not bad at all. Not to mention, It was really a place that felt American and had the Boston Red Sox Ambience all over. (Plus cute waiters lol.. Dun kill me baby).

Long Horn Steakhouse

After dinner, we headed over for Transformers 2. Awesome. Love it. Nothing more to say. It's just hard to describe and I love.... TRANFORMERS! =) Megan Fox rocks.

Regal Cinema

Had a great time today with the other girls and had a first experience with watching a movie overseas. Looked much like our GV, but i think it was cool cos there were many other types of movies that we would never get a chance to watch back home. How I wish that we would be exposed to more movie choices..

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