Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Travel Vietnam: Hue

YEP Vietnam

A blast of a time knowing all these new people in my life.

Pom Pom Club - Thien, Dao, Thanh

In a Minority Village - Aladdin, Phong, Ombala

Troung, Me and Ombala

Me, Lala, Phap, Vien, Jess Troung, Xin and Hung

R&R In Danang & Hoi An

China Beach

Missing Them! Vietnam I shall visit once again.

Finally..but the 18 days there seemed as though a very short period of time.. It is one of the most treasured and special moments i have ever experienced in my whole life up till now..

Over at Vietnam.. it has made me realise how lucky we really are..and in my perception now.. Singaporeans are realli spoilt and lucky to b brought up in such a protected and beautiful environment... That is y.. i feel that the kids there realli deserve more... I met Thien - Meaning Angel, Chuan - Meaning Power, Chan - Meaning lake and Thinh - Meaning wealth...they were the light in my life during the 15 days we spent at the shelter.. these wonderful children are all the cutest and the most adorable children i have ever met.. i must admit..this made mi realli love them..

After leaving the home on the 15 day.. i could feel surges of pain bolt through me each time i was reminded of them.. i would see the crying faces.. telling me in the few english words they knew, "No Singapore..Vietnam.. no Singapore..." It realli tore my heart as each of my little sweet hearts started to burst in to tears... holding my hand and not wanting to let go.. but the saddest part was when one of them sang the song "Vang Trang Khoc" to me.. it meant moon cry.. and it really made me cry..

But as i think back..all the wonderful and happy memories flow back into my mind.. the outings, smelly soup.. the kids running ard calling me "Madmine", asking me "How are You" like 10 times a day and laughing at me when i did not know how to kick the khapteh or cut the vegetables fast.. All the time spent tgt with them will always b kept close to my heart.. YEP has changed my life forever..

I just wan them to know,

Ban luon luon la ban cua toi
Toi nho ban nhieu
Xin dung quen toi
Nguoi ban toi...forever
My phep mau phep than dieu....

Love the kids...and as promised... i will meet them once again...Next YEP trip.. See u all soon.. my little darlings.. Oo..Aladdin..Phap..Nhat....Phouc..Thien..Ombala..Thich.. Loan...OOoo...

As much as i still love my family, Singapore, my darling Alan and friends.. To me.. Vietnam is like a second home now.. Hue!

I'll be back..! Hopefully with the whole of P4..Still...

*Love Xuan Phu Shelter*
Even the bad lil' doggies that bark

Signing Off by Cong Chua Hoa Nhai - Jasmine Flower

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