Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Visual K - Alice 9

Alice 9

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Well, here it is, best visual K J-rockers that have caught my attention! This is Alice Nine, a very slick band. They have the most captivating looks and also have some impressive albums. They have good vocals too, but can be defined as the typical Visual K bands.. hmz, but what captivated me most was their good dress sense, and the very nicely done poses, make up and the provocated image given off on the whole.

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Made up of a 5 man team, i am pleased to say that they are worth checking out. They've also done a few anime songs too besides the main genre, which are as listed:

1. Alice Nine - Ikuoku no Chandelier From Meine Liebe Wieder
2. Alice Nine - Akatsuki From Meine Liebe Wieder

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Also, they have nice singles and records. Here are some of the more highly reccommended one's:

1. "Yami ni Chiru Sakura" (Cherry Blossoms Scattering in the Dark)
2. "Gin no Tsuki Kuroi Hoshi" (Silver Moon, Black Stars)
3. "Yuri ha Aoku Saite" (The Lily Blooms Pale)

Of course, here is an introduction to the members themselves. We have Tora (Guitar), Shou (Vocals), Saga (Bass), Nao (Drums), Hiroto (Guitar). Btw, sorry the pictures tend to reshuffle themselves.. too lazy to fix it! =P

Well, So this is my current favourite.. but well, X Japan still the all time fav. Hope to see more promising Rockers from the Asian scene. Hopefully i'll do a nice posting on Gazette next? (If I have the time..) =)

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