Sunday, March 16, 2008

Travel Australia: Sydney

Sydney Trip

Finally posted up this entry on my lovely trip to Sydney Australia.

At the Singapore Airport, and then over at the Sydney Airport! We then took a 45 min ride to the Aaron's Hotel over in the heart of Sydney. It was a budget Hotel, but man was it cosy. Not to mention, the location was great and in walking distance of most of the attractions.

Here we are at darling habour and the bridege across to the main city. The place kinda looks like Singapore at a glance. I mean it in a way that it is very modern and clean. But most of the the people are so friendly that they qould say "hi' to you even if they didn't know you. LOL?

Now then, we visited the aquarium and had a great dinner at the Sydney Sky tower, which was supposesedly one of the fine dining and higher class restraunts in Sydney. It was a damn cool experience as we had dinner at this revolving tower while having a birds eye view on the whole city below since we were up almost 70 levels!

The Tarango Zoo was also another attraction we had visited.. Aww the platypus was so cute andso were the wombats.. aww.. the koala's too! I bought a few soft toys home and they look just like the real ones.. haha.. and since the money used to buy the toys were put to animal conservation, it was for a good cause!

Next we visted the Sydney Opera House! Look at the view.. it was magnificent. We also managed to catch a day tour inside to have a look at the place and concert halls! Yes I visited the place where the Australian Idol is held!!

The next stop was over at the BLUE MOUNTAINS which we had to take a 2hr train ride up into the mountains. Over there were the Jenovan Caves and also other attractions such as the 3 Sister's mountain, the waterfalls and many other natural wonders.

Yeap, there we are crapping around in the hotel room and the mountains. We totally like climbed many many many clicks to get from one mountain to another. I tell you.. I almost DIED!! LOL.. but I managed to survive with all they guys like pushing me forward. OMG. SO PS!!! I'm such a weak Fag!

Back to Sydney City, we went over to THE ROCKS where they have the weekends flea market.

Here is the Sydney Fish Market! Argh.. the food was gret. Each of us had an abalone and nice red wine!

Then we went over to the Queen Victoria Place where it was really a high class shopping mall. Kinda like our Paragon, but the thing is that the place was more artsy fatsy and there were arts everywhere! Even the loo's were so nicely decorated. But the nicest things here were the clocks, which could move like clock works and the queens display which showed stuffs like her crowns and swords and cloaks..

We then went on the super Jet boat ride and the majestic cruises which brings you around the coves in the Sydney Habour. As for the Jet ride, it is one of the best attractions where u ride the boat out into the open sea and do crazy stuns like 360 degree turns in the water. Oh boy that was fun! MUST TRY!

Luna Park is the amusement park in the area. But the sad thing was that we only arrived while the park was closing so we didn't get to try lotsa stuff. But well, we did go on this crasy ride without seat belts that would spin us around and around like vertically of the ground. Boy was i queasy after that...

Then our group also did night tours as we roamed around the streets in Sydney. We went up the habour bridge and daw the night scene of the oepra house! Woo Nice.

And the last stop!! BONDI BEACH... totally cool. Anyway, we had alot of fun during the trip. Thanks guys..

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