Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2008

F1 Singapore Race Nights

The first ever event of such scale and glamour to be held in Singapore for the first time, and no way was I going to miss it. I took the liberty of working in the event and it was well work the sweat!

The Arena

But the only thing about the race was that the noise was damn loud that even when i went home, i was still hallucinating that there were cars racing outside my window. I could keep hearing the sounds of the cars go "ewwww.... ewww.... ewwww...." the whole night... what a nightmare.. i really would have died if i didn't have the ear muffs to keep me sane from the hour and a half long race that went on twice or trice a night! (Damn 61 laps of race).

The Paddock Area

Here is the paddock area where the races all have their breaks and where all the VVIP's go to meet the stars as well as the pretty ladies. (Not those grid girls.. but the other representatives from foreign countries) I must comment that those Grid girls have no standard and really looked awful. Some carried themselves so lowly and could not even walk properly with those high heels. Such a dissappointment on Singapore's selection. The foreigners did not even turn to take a second look at those 'things'. zzz.

Racers & Team Members

Press & Display

Managed to sneak some shots from the Vip rooms too, where racer items were on display in the suites were the guests rested. A really awesome experience that I would definitely try once again! What's more, the Grand Prix event would be around for the next couple of years. So let me spruce up and we will see this once again.

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