Friday, May 22, 2009

Surprise For Me At Work And Timbre

Just thought that it would be an ordinary day yesterday at work while we stumbled here and there still doing our various tasks like cutting, pasting, laminating, and it was so until these crazy girls gave me a shock of my life after lunch.I was still on and doing my work when Jac, Rahmah, Elaine, Izzy & Surya suddenly came over to our Union room (Place where Ama, Crystal, Jun, Lynette, Sara & I were working in today) to surprise me with a birthday song.

At first, I didn't even know who they were celebrating for cos my birthday was still a week away. Can't believe I even mouthed to Crys, "Who'se Birthday!? Why I dunno? ME?" Ok, I am totally lame. But Lynette had baked cupcakes for me and the girls to some sort celebrate my birthday for me! Aw man... thanks to the babes! But you guys were evil trying to keep making me blow out the relightable candles ar.. naughty naughty!

The Work Place Celebration

When I thought about it, it was really funny cause they explained to me that they were trying to sound me out what kind a cake I would like and I kept going on about peanut butter, strawberries and gummy cakes. HAHAHAHHA... Ok, sorry la!! But thanks for baking those cup cakes man.. they were niceeeee!

Anyway, we had planned to go to Timbre that night and headed over there with the loves after settling for a nice dinner at secret recipe to celebrate our last few days at work (But I considered it my last - I decided not to work today.. LOL). After dinner, we totally cam-whored practically everywhere we went in PS, girls being girls.. hahah.

Having Fun With My Scandals

Time for Timbre, and we went there to meet Lala, Usa, Kar, Jas Toh & Kelvin. After which, we anxiousl waited for the band to come on as we chilled out on the upper decks, waiting for seats! I was a little disappointed that we could not be seated together, but well.... It was still alright.

1030pm, and the band got on and the first thing he said was, "We have a few birthdays in the house and this goes out to Jasmine." I was stunned but the girls were cheering, meaning, Yes, that Jasmine was me... I was totally in an OMG mode when the band sang Happy Birthday to Me... I felt so surprised and touched that they had planned these little things... Went over to give all the baby's hugs and thanks for everything, when El told me, "THIS IS NOT ALL". I was kinda kept in suspense and hoping that they won't do anything CRAZY!!!!! This was already more that anything I would have imagined and there was still MORE?

Well, I didn't want to think about it cause everything was already so nice for me. Went back to the seats with the other girls and was drinking and talking about our day. Just when we decided we were about to leave, the band came on again and announce, "We have a special request and this song is dedicated just for Jasmine". Then, Lucky, came on...

The band began to sing this song which the girls knew I loved... All the while they were cheering and waving their hands in the air. It was really, one of the best things and I am really glad I got to know all these girls much better in the course of our work...

The Babes

Thank You babes.. I appreciate every single little thing and all the time together through all the 'hardships' =) Loves.

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