Sunday, October 02, 2011

Cafe And Bars - The Coffee Connection

Celebrating The First Day Of The Month

How else would be a great way to relax than spend a nice evening with your girlfriends having dinner, shopping and chat. We did just that and I really enjoyed my time with Mich & Ella. A sumptuous dinner at TCC was an added bonus!

Mushroom Bites

A simple snack made with rough puff pastry and mushroom stuffing that would be a great starter for shrooms lovers. I enjoyed it and felt it was a real good dish that was just the right bite size!

Tomato Tortellini 

A nice presentation and combination of ingredients with the well mixed herbs and rich tomato base. A well enjoyed meal especially for pasta lovers.

Mushroom & Shrimp Gratin

I really enjoyed this as there was just the most sauce and fillings you could ever find. This was the first time that I wanted to have more of a gratin and I was impressed that I wasn't overly full or feeling bored of the food after finishing the entire plate. Kudo's!


What more can I say about the drinks and desserts except that they so enjoyable? A great way to lighten our mood at the beginning of the month. TCC was a great choice for our dinner date tonight along with the shopping and company with these 2 wonderful ladies.

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